Halloween is around the corner and that means three things...Scares, candy and movies! Half the fun of this grand holiday isn't what happens on Halloween night. It's the preparation. In order to truly appreciate this holiday, one must get all of their horrific ducks in a row. Whether you delve deeply into the phantasmagorical. Or, merely enjoy Halloween-esque movies, October 31st has something for EVERYONE.

It would be very easy to write a list of this sort and include nothing but truly trembling offerings. However, what often gets lost is the idea that just because a scary film doesn't include Jason, Freddy, or Michael, doesn't mean that automatically disqualifies it from being a scary film. A movie can be creepy and be fun. It can be weird and entertaining. Quite simply, Halloween movies come in all shapes and sizes.

Now, wherever horror aficionados want to take this argument, one thing is true... Halloween can be a lot of fun when you're older. At the same time, it seems like the best time to engage in true trick or treating is when you're a kid. Sure, you can still pull the occasional prank here and there as you enter your "twilight years". But, to really make the most of this special time of year, there's nothing like being a young him or her with an abundance of time on your hands.

Aside from chores, you probably don't have work. Chances are that your homework isn't debilitating (due to Common Core)...Yet. So, if you're lucky, all you really have to do during this special time is eat, sleep and hang out with your friends. You can plan tricks, stock up on treats, and have multiple sleepovers leading up to the big day. And, what is a sleepover if it doesn't include movies?

Most young people probably want to go with films of the Chucky variety. However, there are a whole host of films that will put you in the Halloween mood. They, in their own way, capture the spirit and wonderment that youth has to offer. They are able to scare us without making viewers cover their eyes. Sure, the Hostel films are great fun, this writer swears that the first Phantasm is the best horror film ever made. But you need to know your audience, and kids are not really the audience for those movies (even though I saw them when I was a kid). So we at MovieWeb, in an effort to keep ourselves fan and family friendly, present you with our list of the 16 Best Halloween Horror Movies for Kids!

1Kenny & Company 1976

Kenny & Co

Don Coscarelli's little known tale of kids hanging out around Halloween is probably the most honest portrait of childhood in this genre. The film follows three best friends as they navigate the trials and tribulations of middle school. Halloween looms in the background of every frame as these guys deal with girl problems, bullies, and those small moments of life that are packed with so much meaning. There is a richness to this story that sets it apart from being a mere movie. In its own way it captures a generational shift from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. And the best part, it is all served up in a way that a young person can understand. Don Coscarelli was so inspired by his ability to scare audiences in certain moments of this film, that he went full bore horror with the legendary Phantasm next.

2Monster House 2006

<strong><em>Monster House</em></strong>

Monster House is special because it follows the classic trope of kids scary movies...Three kids battling a monster. In this case, they aren't just going up against some supernatural being. They are fighting a house that is a monster and it wants nothing more than to get them and eat them. Where does one start with how great a film for young people this is? At its heart, it shows how teamwork and friendship can conquer just about any probably you might have. Filled with animation that was groundbreaking for 2006, Monster House still holds up today in a way that even some beloved Pixar films do not.

3The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993

Nightmare Before Christmas

You gotta love a film that merges holidays, and TTim Burton's opus does jus that. This elegant tale follows the whimsical Jack Skellington. He rules Halloween Town. His life is perfect. Then he has that all upended when he discovers Christmas Town. This simple tale is so artfully done, so well put together, so ahead of its time that it holds up quite well even today. Released 22 years ago, FIGVpOJKhWZmLG||The Nightmare Before Christmas} continues to show up in pop culture even today. Whether it is in clothing that people wear, bags, or simply as a movie that helps make the holiday of Halloween that much more special. Sure, this is a great movie for kids but it's also a great movie for everyone.

4The Monster Squad 1987

<strong><em>The Monster Squad</em></strong>

Director Fred Dekker's crowning achievement is at once a quintessential 80s film, a right of passage for all who love horror movies, and a great movie for kids and adults to share. The Monster Squad follows a band of kids (always a great way to draw in young viewers) who LOVE horror movies. Things get a little dicey when the monsters from their favorite films come to life and they have to battle them. Filled with horror, laughs, thrills and chills...The Monster Squad, like Kenny & Company, is a perfect film in this genre. While certainly filled with more thrills and chills then Don Coscarelli's film, The Monster Squad may just be the It's a Wonderful Life of the horror movie set.

Evan Jacobs