Sequels can be very tricky things. When they work, which isn't very often, they are like a gift from the heavens. If they don't, they remind us why the original film is so much better. And that the filmmakers should have never tempted fate by trying t recapture lightning in a bottle.

Years ago, before straight-to-video (DVD, Blu-ray, Streaming, etc.), only very successful movies got the sequel treatment. Nowadays, if a movie is a moderate success, it can be spun-off into sequel-ville and land in straight-to-DVD land forever. Again, all this does is make us appreciate just how good the sequels we got so long ago actually were.

So it is with this reverence that we created this list with the help of IMDB. It features some of the films you might expect. At the same time, it showcases others that have proven themselves to be success d'estimes. Those films that maybe didn't catch fire upon their initial release, but proved themselves to have greater staying power than anyone thought.

The big problem with making a classic sequel is living up to the original. Some of the films on this list surpass the films they came after. Others, the truly bold ones, don't even try and yet somehow have become memorable parts of our movie watching lexicon.

So sit back, prepare your clicking finger, and get ready to discover 'The 15 Best Movie Sequels Ever.' You may not agree with all of them, however they will certainly get you thinking. And in today's uber-disconnected world, that is a feat unto itself.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Empire Strikes Back

I could be wrong but this popcorn fest might be the first film of it's ilk that ends so sadly. Coming out in the shadow of Star Wars, a ground breaking film that changed the movie industry over night, Empire Strikes Back seemed poised for greatness. Sure, the film went over budget, but the storytelling from Star Wars was so strong that Empire seemed destined to at least be very good. That this sequel met and then exceeded that level is why many call it the best of the Star Wars films. Picking up where Star Wars left off we see the rebels constantly behind the eight ball. Just when it seems like they might over take the evil empire, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader do battle in the most epically filmed clash of father and son in history. In the end, Luke's earnestness just isn't enough, and this film's ability to reconcile that is what truly makes Empire Strikes Back the great sequel that it is.

Evan Jacobs