Bethenny Getting Married? premiered last month on Bravo, airing on Thursday nights at 10 PM ET, and this week's episode features the actual marriage of reality TV star Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy. Frankel recently held a conference call to discuss this wedding episode and here's what she had to say.

So you're in the planning stage of your wedding on the show, but now that you've already made the walk down the isle, what were some of the surprises on your wedding day?

Bethenny Frankel: Well I will answer - the surprise - one of the surprises was my husband's animal friend jumped into the pool at the Four Seasons Restaurant. I mean, it wasn't - all these things aren't entirely surprises, in actuality they were a surprise. Like, I could imagine something like that, but I didn't really imagine it. The same thing with me knowing that I would have to like pee so badly because I was pregnant, but I didn't realize that I would have to pee in my wedding dress, which is really, not that classy. I didn't realize exactly how badly my feet would be going to swell. You know, I had thought about it, but I didn't - it was brutal, and how heavy my wedding dress would be, so it would nearly be falling off. But it would like, maybe it sounds a little negative, but I didn't realize that I'd be able to be so in the moment. Like right before I was walking down the aisle, that I would be able to stop and really think about what I was about to do, who I was marrying, that I had a baby in my belly and I was really - that was the nicest surprise.

Going into, you know, about your wedding, one of the key obstacles on your show, really just focused on the stress surrounding your big day, but now that that's all said and done, surprises aside, was it all worth it?

Bethenny Frankel: It was really worth it. It was such a beautiful wedding and I think it was great that it was only 80 people and all of those people we really cared about, so it was really intimate, but wild. I mean, it was just really so much fun. It was definitely the kind of thing you never forget. I couldn't - I was more humbly that I could ever imagine really.

I know you're on Twitter a lot and just wanted to know - you know, that way of getting direct contact with fans, is that something that you just have embraced? Obviously, I think you have, but how important is that to you?

Bethenny Frankel: I really like it a lot. I just think it's -I mean, it could be - it could be great for something like I can be in Wyoming doing a book signing and say, "Where's a great refuge place or to find out, you know, tips for breastfeeding and to find out what people think on being right and wrong in my book." They're - what they enjoy and what they like in the show, what they don't like. I think it's really - I think it's actually kind of intimate. It's a strange word, but it kind of is. It's very personal. You really get into what people think. Facebook too. I think -it's a little different, but both of them are - well amazing I think.

People are really tuned into the show and it's great. I mean, I love the show. But, does it create any pressure for you, to like, already think about what's going to happen in the second season and having to kind of keep the momentum going?

Bethenny Frankel: It really doesn't because, it's not like, you know - I have less security with a big charity event, some big dramatic thing, moment. The best parts on my show, are when Jason and I are sitting in the kitchen talking about nonsense, or something so stupid, like there are a couple of things that happened on my honeymoon that are ridiculous. I mean, it's really is going to be new stuff. So, there's always going to be nonsense in our life and some of things that happen it's - you would not even believe could actually happen to anybody and they do happen to me. So, that stuff will always happen.

Do you feel different now that you're married?

Bethenny Frankel: I do feel different now that I'm married. It just seems nice and comfortable. Peaceful, like there's no wedding, I can - should we, and what do we do. You know, it's just - you feel happy and you know that you're in the right spot.

So also since you've had Bren you said you're more mellow and calm, but does that mean that all your witty remarks and one liners are going to become a little bit less snarky?

Bethenny Frankel: No. Definitely not. There's more stuff - more material we could talk about. It's just that when I'm with her, she quiets everything down and I become calmer. But no, I'm still a lunatic. Nothing to worry. So, don't fret.

Bethenny are you planning on having any more babies?

Bethenny Frankel: I'm not planning. I think Jason's planning on it. I'm not planning it. We're - it's been a conversation, but I think it has to be - we have a while to talk about it, because we're just getting our feet wet and learning how to, you know, care for Bren and this is all a huge adjustment. And but, I am aware of my age, which you know, neither of us are spring chickens, so we can - it's something we have to talk about. I just don't - we don't know yet.

How many episodes are there? When does it finish?

Bethenny Frankel: There are nine episodes. There may end up being one additional. So, it would be the fourth week and they'll probably be six more weeks of that.

I know for Bravo shows there's usually a reunion show. Are you planning something like that for your show?

Bethenny Frankel: Oh, I don't know that - 'cause I've seen other ones on shows like something else, but I don't know - it's not really - you know, we're not at the hospital until we have - you know, we're with each other. But I guess, maybe if, you know, maybe something we should talk about, rehashing the whole the whole season. You know, if the viewing responses, I'm sure Bravo will give us one.

Is there going to definitely be a second season?

Bethenny Frankel: No, I mean, nothing definite. I haven't - we haven't discussed it yet, but I would imagine that there would be. It's the right kind of show for Bravo and I think it would be really well received.

Do you ever watch the show, your show, and think I should not have let the camera stay on for that?

Bethenny Frankel: No. I mean, although I'm not going to say on people are knocking like that. I don't - but you know, it's who I am and I'm never going to -ever mix it up for not do something, because then it sure wouldn't be authentic, which is one thing that everyone says, "Is that the show's really authentic", cause it is really - everything that went on in my life, really is. And I just - that's the one good relationship that I really do with my fans, is the honesty and that like, if someone asks me and says, "I'm pregnant", then I'd say, "Yes I am", if I am. You know, I just - I think it's best that that's the one thing I really pride - take pride in, is just telling that you're. So, it is what it is.

How did it feel to have your whole wedding day documented by a full TV camera crew? I mean, was that intrusive at all?

Bethenny Frankel: It actually wasn't intrusive and that's the same thing everyone said who was a guest there, because a lot of times you'll have a videographer and so it wasn't like - no one was interviewing anyone, no one was bothering anyone, it was just kind of like a fly on the wall. It is what it is. There are cameras there and it would be like having a video (unintelligible). You didn't even know they're there. And especially on the wedding day, you did not even realize there were cameras there.

It seems like that was a great experience then?

Bethenny Frankel: Yeah, it was good and I was concerned about it, don't get me wrong. It definitely was. I was like, "This is not as respectful as it has to be, especially since I can't ever get this day back." And it was great and a lot of the guests said, "We didn't even - it's just amazing, that we didn't even know", because it sounded like it was going to be a big deal ahead of time. So yeah.

The episode where you're searching for your wedding dress with Jason's mom, there's a really touching scene when you find the dress. I wanted to see how your relationship with his parents has changed or grown and how has mom helped you on the wedding day?

Bethenny Frankel: In spite of the nice people you've met in your entire life, it's nice normal people. I mean, it's been - it's definitely been like a gradual progression of us - all of us getting closer and it makes Jason happier. Definitely having Bren and naming her after his brother who passed away, I think really was definitely a big moment.

What was the best wedding gift that you received?

Bethenny Frankel: The best gift was a book that my assistant, (Julie) got me. It was a book of pictures that looked like a book you'd buy in a bookstore, a fully book and it's just pictures of Jason and myself from birth until now, a matching picture of him to mine, at a similar age. And that was, and pictures of Porky my dog, was very thoughtful. It was the best gift.

Bethenny Getting Married?'s wedding episode featuring Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's wedding will air this Thursday night, July 8 at 10 PM ET on Bravo.