It's all about brides and babies on Bravo's newest docu-series Bethenny Getting Married? Featuring The Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel as she prepares for two of life's biggest milestones - a wedding and a baby - simultaneously. Watch as Bethenny's life goes into over-drive as she prepares for motherhood and becoming a real Housewife when she weds fiancé Jason Hoppy, all while juggling her burgeoning career as an author and natural foods chef. Bethenny Getting Married? Premieres Thursday, June 10 at 10PM ET/PT with Episode 1.01: Mi Casa, Su Nasa. Only on Bravo.

We recently caught up with Bethenny Frankel to chat about her new show. Here's what the housewife had to say for herself:

I watched the first episode and your show seems to have a lot more humor integrated into it than the Real Housewives does. So was this something that you did intentionally because you wanted a more lighthearted show?

Bethenny Frankel: You know, I don't think that, you know, I'm not really - in my life I mean The Real Housewives of New York City - how do I explain it? It doesn't really show me in my true light. I mean you see bits and pieces of me, and you can kind of get the sense of me. But really I mean I'm not - I'm not a woman that really hangs out with a lot of women. I don't - I really focus mostly on work and when I'm in a relationship, in my relationship. And so this kind of just gets more micro. It really gets into the real details of my life. There's no big - it's not like big blowouts at cocktail or what do I call it, or charity events. It's not - I mean I don't really go out that much. I'm pretty much home in my pajamas most of the time unless I have to go somewhere for work. Like I'm right now home in my pajamas and feeding the baby and hanging out with the dog and working, editing my books in bed. But then in an hour I have to go to Access Hollywood. Like that's kind of more what my life is really like than me, you know, then you getting the slice in The Real Housewives of New York City where we're always in nice outfits at charity events. Like I do that once in a while but it's not really the - it's not the main course of my life which this show kind of shows the nonsense in my life.

So is this show would you say more dedicated to your personal life or your professional life?

Bethenny Frankel: It's a balance of both really. I would say it's more dedicated to the struggles I go through being 39, getting engaged, getting pregnant, doing everything backwards. You know, being pregnant at my bridal shower. Now having...the baby, I have the baby shower. Like nothing I do is sort of right side up it seems. And then balancing my career - it's not, you know, I don't want - I didn't want this to be like let's show all my products or anything. I mean all of my things are doing very well. It's, you know, I'm lucky to be successful. But it's more about a discussion Jason and I have about planning the wedding or, you know, that I was the runaway bride and getting me down the aisle. And what it's like to shop for a wedding dress when six months pregnant. It's more of like I said, it's really the - I think the devil's in the details. It's not about the giant, you know, I don't pull my baby out of my you know what. But I think the fact that what it's like to have your water break five weeks before you give birth and what you put in your bag to go there. Like I said, the devil's in the details. That's more - I sweat the small stuff. I could like have a c-section and not be on any pain medication. But if you give me too small of a portion at the ice cream store I may have a nervous breakdown. Like that's kind of the type of person that I am.

We saw Alex and Simon come to your dinner party in the first episode. So are you integrating other Housewives cast members into the show to make appearances? And will Jill appear on the show?

Bethenny Frankel: It's only to the - it's only to the extent that what's really going on in my life. This isn't like anyone's being hired or it's an appearance. It's like I invited Alex McCord to my bridal shower and she came. I invited Ramona Singer and she was out of town. You know, the same thing like Ramona Singer came over yesterday to see the baby but this Sunday she's out of town so she can't go to the baby shower. Like it's only to the extent that it's real. Ramona Singer was in Africa when I had the baby but Alex McCord came to the hospital because she was in town. Like it's nothing orchestrated. There's no drama. There's no fighting with, you know, with those two. And Jill Zarin is not on my show because she's not in my life.

Could address the recent criticism that you lost too much weight too quickly?

Bethenny Frankel: Yeah. I mean, you know, the truth is you can't win for losing and you've got to kind of take it with a grain of salt from where you got it from on Page 6. I mean, you know, they'll write about, you know, how much toilet paper I have in my bathroom. But no, I mean I - truthfully I gained 35 pounds when I was pregnant. I gave birth five weeks early so I probably would have been at like 40 pounds, which is completely a healthy weight to gain. And, you know, as far as sending a message out to women if it's - if sending the message that you should be healthy before, during and after your pregnancy is a bad message - I didn't do anything drastic. I didn't do anything different. My books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies because I teach women how to be naturally thin without obsessing over it, without dieting, without ever worrying about it. So I was in the hospital for six days, three of which, you know, is the day you're giving birth - you're in labor. You don't eat. Two after you don't eat. It came out, I had like six, seven pounds less. And I mean most of it's, you know, baby stuff like water and things. I've never been through this before, so I have nothing to compare it to. But the whole entire time I was pregnant I kind of ate sensibly but with indulgence. If I wanted cheesecake I had it but not for dinner, I had it for lunch. They say, you know, probably eat like 300 more calories a day. I'd say I probably ate like I'd say 400 or 500 calories a day. I don't count calories but based on what I normally eat I was eating definitely more, you know? Your diet's a bank account but I guess I had a bigger bank account. And I swelled up after my wedding. And truthfully to be perfectly honest, when I was gaining - after gaining 40, 45 pounds I was a little like wow, this is a lot. You know, I was - I thought that it wasn't going to be so easy. But I realized that walking and doing yoga and just being normal it comes off. The people that have a major, major struggle I really am telling you they probably go off the rails. And they probably go to McDonald's and Taco Bell all the time. I (unintelligible) everything I hope to be. I didn't do anything different. I just went - I didn't do anything different. I did exactly what I do all the time.

Are you apprehensive at all about showing your therapy session on the - on the show and will we see more of that?

Bethenny Frankel: I mean I'll be totally honest with you, I don't really have time to go to therapy. So, you know, as a person who is in the public eye you get sent, you know, necklaces and baby clothes and people, you know, give you stuff now and, you know, I'm not like that much of a stuff person. I will tell you something, I would do a show on my own just to get - to have therapy. I mean to be able to have like therapy once a week and have to be there I run there. I'm so excited. So not at all. I mean I don't even notice that the cameras are really even there, you know? And I do it for longer than an hour. And I love it. The guy is really amazing. I've learned a lot and I can't wait to go back. I love it. It was my idea to do therapy on the show because I mean I need therapy. That's clear. So - but I thought that, you know, it's a true depiction of my life. And also when you - when you're pregnant while engaged, while planning a wedding, while trying to run a business, while shooting a show, blah, blah, blah, while doing a book tour, you know, it's - and formerly having been afraid of commitment it's not a bad thing to kind of lock the door before you get robbed, you know? Go to the therapy before you have a breakdown.

What are you doing this summer, if you're planning to go to the Hamptons at all and if so what are some of your favorite places out there?

Bethenny Frankel: I love the Montauk Yacht Club. That's where we're planning to go. In fact Jason gets paternity leave for like 16 days and that's where we're going. So we're going there in August. We were supposed to go this week. But, you know, with a new baby the stuff - I have stuff anxiety so that alone will give me anxiety. But we're going to go next week. They have - there's a place - I like The Hideaway, which is a place in Montauk, which you go through a bait and tackle shop and it's like a dive Mexican place. Because you know I love my margaritas and - that was my greatest joy except for having Bryn, to sip tequila. I was like - crack. We will go to The Palm because Jason loves to get a good steak and so that's like our little - when we decide to, you know, as we call it dip in, like get it, you know, be in with the cool people...The Palm. John's Drive-In has the best ice cream I've ever had in my life much less anywhere. It's in Montauk. It's like a - it looks almost like a drive up place. You know what I mean? Like with roller skates too. It's got like hamburgers but all we get is the ice cream. Peanut butter cup I think it's called - or peanut butter explosion. I like the - we're going to play golf at the Montauk Downs. I'm going to go (stirrups) at Ditch Plains. I am going to - what else are we going to do? We even - all we do is eat. Oh, go to John's steakhouse and like eat and hang out. Oh, yoga at Sangha Yoga - S-A-N-G-H-A Yoga. And yeah, I think all we do is eat. Oh, go to a Mexican place. For some reason we go to all of the Mexican places. That's it.

Are you excited to have the baby, you know, in the summer when it's so beautiful out, take walks outside and that sort of thing?

Bethenny Frankel: The baby's never leaving the house. I don't care if it's - yeah, I mean just so you know, I have only gone one time across - to go to the West Side Highway to take the baby. And I had a nervous breakdown crossing over the highway. The baby is the boy - the baby in the bubble. No. I am excited but believe me the thought of like how much it takes to schlep out to the Hamptons could give me a nervous breakdown too. So yes, we're going to take her and I'm excited but I have no idea what we're going to do.

At some point do you think that you might not want Bryn to be exposed in the reality, you know, world? Will you take her out of the spotlight? Because at some point she's going to get in there.

Bethenny Frankel: Yeah, no and she is in there. She's in my show a little bit. You know, she doesn't say much. But no - but yeah, you know, she's a little baby so it's not like she does anything, you know? But it is a concern. It's a conversation with my husband and myself. When she's older and when she's like more of a person, you know, do we put her into some life that she didn't really sign up for? And so the answer is probably no, and definitely in moderation. But I totally get the question and it' something I haven't really thought of because she's only been here three weeks. She's not even supposed to be here yet. She was supposed to be here this Sunday.

And how is Cookie reacting been to Bryn?

Bethenny Frankel: Good question.

I love Cookie. I love Cookie by the way.

Bethenny Frankel: I just - right now I just took 20 minutes on my bed to spend Cookie time because I haven't - I just said that 10 minutes ago. It's so funny. Quiet time with her and every time I have the baby I try to pet her and talk in a nice voice. She's been a tiny bit not neglected, but was, you know, it's been a little bit of an adjustment. I'm just more concerned about when the baby's a toddler. My vet told me to read Childproofing Your Dog because when they're toddlers it's like another dog running around the house. So very cautious but she seems to be good, you know? She seems to be very calm and she's okay with it. She seems to be very protective.

Jill is not part of your life but has she reached out to you at all during this time - made an attempt?

Bethenny Frankel: No. Not this recent time. I mean of course I saw her at the reunion and there was that. And she has reached out a couple of times in the last couple of months. You know, there have been a lot of changes on the show. The show has kind of showed everything. But, you know, she's not in my life anymore. And this is the time I really want people that are good for me and good for my family and like I want clean energy and everything to be happy. And I want Bryn to, you know, have it to be - her life to be perfect for as long as it possibly can.

And do you think that's why there - you might be pulling out of Real Housewives to kind of keep that energy away?

Bethenny Frankel: I think, you know, like I really - it's not a cliché when I say I don't believe in staying at a party too long. And I just don't know what else there is to do there. If I had a very - the lesser, you know, part in it and I just dipped in and dipped out once in a while maybe. I just like what am I going to say - what is there to say to Jill Zarin? There's nothing to say to Jill Zarin. There's nothing. I mean she had a nervous breakdown on my show. Like I don't know what there is to say. I see Alex McCord and Ramona Singer on my show which is really, really nice and pleasant. So I don't know. You know, I do - the purpose I have on The Real Housewives of New York City is to make - is to comment I feel like. Not because anyone tells me to because it's who I am. So I guess, you know, if they still need my running commentary and I suppose the Greek chorus, perhaps I would do it. I just don't know. I don't know what, you know, you're seeing my life here so I don't know what I would be doing there.

So we were so surprised that she came so early. Were you also surprised? And why did she come early?

Bethenny Frankel: The doctor says that - I thought it was because I had been, you know, walking and doing yoga and like I was active. And the doctor said that there are only two reasons that a baby would be premature and it's either infection or unknown. So they have no idea why your water breaks early. They don't know. I don't like - I like answers. I have no idea.

Well how is she doing now?

Bethenny Frankel: She's great. She's perfect. She's so sweet. She's a really calm, good baby. I think because I'm so crazy she just really is calm.

And she's gaining weight properly and everything now?

Bethenny Frankel: Yeah. She's definitely well over six pounds. She eats so much. I think she's making up for her, you know, being so small. But she was five pounds, seven ounces two weeks ago. So I think she's well over six now.

Great. Are you breastfeeding her?

Bethenny Frankel: I am which is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. It's just - it's so time consuming and you really don't have your own life. Not that having a child you have your own life anyway. But you really - the minute you like I haven't taken a shower yet today. Like I have been editing my book and doing this kind of stuff but like I haven't gotten into the shower yet. And I keep saying I'm going to because like the feeding and then the pumping and then, you know, it's a very time consuming - it's worth the sacrifice and I love it. And I love the time with her and I know it's healthy and I should be on the cover of Jugs Magazine by the way. But it's rewarding. But it's definitely challenging.

So we read that you're also tweeting - we read on your tweets that you're also supplementing so you're doing both then with the breastfeeding and the formula?

Bethenny Frankel: Well she's been gassy and had stomach issues so now I haven't - now we really - we supplemented when she was in the hospital because I - first of all it was - she was small and in the hospital that's what they were doing in the NICU. And I would try to go down there every two hours but I had the c-section first so you couldn't move the first day so it was very like fish out of water. So we started with me just getting the hang of breastfeeding and her doing their Similac formula. And then we came home - and then but she was spitting up all the time. And just being a natural foods chef and knowing about food intolerances I could tell something was wrong. So that she was allergic to. And then we put her on soy, which she at first was good with in the hospital. But when she started breastfeeding it all got better. So she's really now all on breastfeeding but a lot from the bottle.

Oh, good for you. So how has motherhood been so far? And is she sleeping at night? And are you feeling exhausted and all that stuff?

Bethenny Frankel: I'm feeling really exhausted because she sleeps when she's supposed to sleep but they get up every three hours. Sometimes we, you know, she goes four hours. But even if I can get a night's sleep because she's drinking from being - from pumping I have to pump too because you wake up in the morning like I said, like with the, you know, all full. So I didn't realize that even if you have a baby that - even if you have help and someone's helping feed the baby you still have to get up. So no, I'm not sleeping a lot at all but it's okay.

Do you have a nanny as well then?

Bethenny Frankel: No. Not a nanny. We have a baby nurse.

At night or is it during the day?

Bethenny Frankel: They're here - they're - she's here, you know, the whole entire time which has been really great because I had never really - even for like - I'd never tried to change a diaper. I had never really held a baby. So the beginning - it's been like - it's been a real learning curve I have to say. I mean we do - Jason and I change her and bathe her and feed her and, you know, breastfeeding but it's nice to have a baby nurse to tell you, you know, that you really - like you have to get the burp out. They have to burp every time. Or that, you know, that you don't put alcohol on the bellybutton thing. Like there's just nice - it's just comforting to have someone explain to you what's going on.

So were you relieved it's a girl? And how did you choose the name Bryn?

Bethenny Frankel: I was very relieved it was a girl. I really did want a girl for a number of reasons. We chose the name Bryn because my husband's brother's name was Bryan. He passed away. It was spelled B-R-Y-A-N. And he passed away in a car accident 20 years ago - 19 years ago. And I was with Jason visiting his brother at the cemetery and I - when we were just dating. And I heard that name and I sort of logged it and said it would be a really nice name for a boy or a girl frankly.

What were your thoughts on Jill announcing on Twitter the birth or your baby before anybody else did and inaccurately, saying it was a boy?

Bethenny Frankel: My honest reaction was she can't get out of her own way. And it wasn't like she had to pick the winner of the Kentucky Derby. All she had to do was go with a 50/50 guess and she still didn't get it right.

And my next question is how do you plan to juggle in the future, all of your products with having a baby and also staying at home?

Bethenny Frankel: I have no idea. The good news is my office is at my house. So let's just start - that like checks one thing off the bat, that box, right? The next thing is a lot of my businesses - my, you know, my TV shows so they shoot my life. So that's the,, you know, they'll - if I'm in my house I'm in my house. If I'm going to the baby, you know, doctor, you know they follow - they work around that. So that I can handle. My third book I'm finishing editing now and once that's finished it's kind of - that's kind of like a baby that's, you know, that's grown up. And I'm reeling it in on some level. All of the seeds I've planted have grown up. The margarita is nationwide. I don't really have to do that much for it. I don't - my books - both my books were New York Times bestsellers. I did those tours. I kind of, you know, I kind of quality versus quantity and not doing every single thing. But don't get me wrong, it's hard. And with breastfeeding it's really hard. And I'm, you know, but I'm not Julia Roberts. I haven't been like successful for all of these years where I could sit, you know, be - take time off with Phineas and Hazel and be on my, you know, farm being a homemaker. I would love to do that (unintelligible) to make money.

How do you react to - I know a couple of people - I think Kelly and then also Dina on Twitter as well, have called you - and I think it was just as a joke but they've called you scary or intimidating. What do you think of that?

Bethenny Frankel: I understand - I can understand - well I mean Kelly Bensimon's got this whole, you know, nonsense bullying angle she's working right now which is like idiotic. She's a 41-year-old woman. So anything she says you can't really even listen to because she's out of her mind and certifiable. But Dina is really sweet. And Dina's like a really nice girl that doesn't get into the fray. And she's not - I mean she's Italian and her sister's a tough girl, but Dina, you know, isn't - is just like a really sweet, nice Jersey girl so I could see her thinking I'm a little bit scary. I mean I could be - I grew up at the racetrack. I'm a little street and I'm definitely a little rough around the edges and a scrapper but I get it.

I know that you've had immense popularity with your books. And I just wanted to know, have you ever struggled with your weight? And how would somebody be naturally thin that already has struggled with their weight? Is there a way of boosting your metabolism or, you know, what are your weight issues or have you ever had any as well?

Bethenny Frankel: I have had - well weight issues - I have always been - I used to be a yo-yo person. I used to be completely obsessed with dieting. I used to always be on a different diet, up and down. I call it white knuckling it. And I call it food noise. I always had that internal food noise. And that's what my entire book Naturally Thin is about. It's about - I learned how to become naturally thin and how to never have to diet again, like to just be one of those people that, you know, eats - knows how to control their portions because, you know, by diet's a bank account. Like one day I'll do this and the other day I'll do that. so I really learned how to overcome what was such a huge struggle. Never did I have an eating disorder, you know, per se. I think it's a disorder to be so obsessed but never did - was I anorexic or bulimic or anything like that.

And how would somebody jumpstart their metabolism?

Bethenny Frankel: How does somebody jump - well I - changing things around. Even if you're always on the treadmill, go do some yoga or swim, even if it's not as much of a burn, like you're not sweating like a crazy person. You don't have to be. Just change up your workout. And sometimes things - if you change up your working out it also will calm and quiet your food noise. Revving up your metabolism people say eating six - five, six meals a day, you know, I don't really necessarily believe in that. I believe you should listen to your body. I think you should yeah, to rev up your metabolism I think yeah, switching up your exercise. I think that's the best way because I don't think there are really any foods that increase our metabolism necessarily. And I don't think there are any tricks that eating six times a day it, you know, it really - it makes a difference. But no two days are the same. One day you're traveling, the next day you're laying in bed. You have to listen to your body.

Do you have any already mom friends that you kind of trust that you get mommy tips from? Have you started those kinds of conversations and dialogue with your friends?

Bethenny Frankel: It's on a case-by-case basis the same way that I was when I was pregnant. I did not read any of the books. I did not like do any of that because I feel that a lot of times when you read those books you think that everything is going to happen to you and then you expect it. And I knock wood, had an easy pregnancy. I didn't have hemorrhoids or constipation or throwing up, like all of the things that you know, like lower back pain. I didn't have half that stuff. So the same thing goes for motherhood. If I have something I like - if I have an issue like if I'm having an issue with breastfeeding I'll ask my girlfriend about that issue. But in general, I don't really - I'm not a big fan of unsolicited advice because I don't know any perfect people therefore I don't know any perfect mothers. And, you know, I just want to kind of have this be my own experience. But we've - it's been a complete, you know, baby college for Jason and I. I mean we were in the hospital six days...And we, you know, the baby was in the NICU so we asked so many questions and we learned a lot from the nurses and we - there's a lot we need to know about taking care of a baby. But in general I don't just, you know, take everybody's advice about things that I'm, you know, I ask for advice if I want it.

Why do you think it's important as a new mom - why do you think it's important to kind of maintain your sense of style and your sense of self and who you are post baby?

Bethenny Frankel: That's a great question because I'm going through that. I don't have a sense of style right now. I'm still wearing maternity clothes because I'm too cheap to go buying new things although I want to Robert Verdi, the stylist, yesterday to get me like real adult clothes. Because I also was too cheap that I gave birth five weeks early so I still had stuff I hadn't worn. So I don't have like that much of a style. But my goal is now to like have - be more stylish and not just be safe. Like take some chances and wear some fashionable clothes. And I work hard and I'm always in my pajamas at my house. So that's the first thing. But the big thing is I feel like it's really - you have to make - you really have to take - make an effort to like brush your hair nice and put some makeup on because you walk - I walked out of the house like an animal in pajamas walking my dog all the time. I just, you know, you have to get it together. And that's not going to be easy for me because I'm a slob most of the time unless I'm out somewhere where it's in public. And also, connect with your husband because everything is about the baby and I feel like everything's been like breastfeeding and pumping and this and that and getting out the door and feeding, you know, that I want to make sure that to get down to earth and connect with him. And we had a date night last night so that was - it really did...make a difference. Just one date night, no phone.

What do you say to people who feel like the celebrities who pose in the bikinis and the bathing suits right after having a baby put undue pressure on all of the rest of the regular moms out there?

Bethenny Frankel: Honestly, the truth is I was really healthy and ate, you know, red velvet cheesecake before, during and after the pregnancy. And it's not really an unrealistic thing. Just - my book Naturally Thin has sold hundreds - sorry, and Skinny Girl Dish, hundreds of thousands of copies. People have lost - I mean I've had individuals lose 100 pounds - from ten to 100 pounds. But a lot of people lost a lot of weight and none of it's dieting. None - if it tells you extreme - it tells you, you can drink, you can eat. The bottom line is it's not that I'm realistic. I gained 35 pounds and I would have gained probably five more if I gave birth on time. And it's saying like you don't have to gain 75 pounds unless you really decide that you want to go to Taco Bell every day of your pregnancy and then when you get done you'll have a lot to deal - you'll have a lot more to take off. Like I didn't go on any kind of diet. I don't even - I'm not even going to cop out and say that I attribute it to breastfeeding because in the beginning I was supplementing. I got out of the hospital and I probably had ten pounds to lose. Like in the hospital I had a c-section so I didn't eat the day of labor, the two days after and you're in the hospital, what are you really eating for six days? Some of it just came off. I'm not telling anybody to do anything. I didn't wear a bikini on purpose. I thought it would be cheesy to, you know, to wear a bikini right after, I wore a one-piece. And I think I look like a mom. I don't think I look scary skinny. I won't look scary skinny. It's, you know, people get aggravated but it really it's - I mean the Page 6 you could only take what they write with a grain of salt. But I think it's good for women to know that you don't -it doesn't have to be so crazy. And you can just like with light walk, light yoga - I didn't do anything crazy while I was pregnant. It was totally balanced.

What was more painful, labor or your trip to St. John's with Kelly?

Bethenny Frankel: That's the best question of the year. And by far, St. Bart's. And I'm not just saying it for like effect. By - by the way - I'd rather - the c-section was less painful than being away with Kelly Bensimon. It was horrendous. Horrendous.

On your one year wedding anniversary are you and Jason going to watch your wedding video or reruns of your Getting Married TV show?

Bethenny Frankel: Well I don't watch reruns, I don't know why. Like even on The Real Housewives of New York City I watch it when they send me the tapes and I don't even watch it with America. I saw it happen. Like I kind of knew - know what happens. So we will definitely watch - what was our other choice? The wedding video? They're one and the same. So I have to. That's true. If I want - actually I think we - I requested like other footage to be made into a wedding video for me. So the wedding video. But hopefully - you know what, I'd like to go to St. Bart's. Because Jason and I went on our honeymoon to St. Bart's. Oh, by the way, you said St. Bart's. St. John's I went with Kelly Bensimon.

Would you consider yourself a bridezilla during this whole process?

Bethenny Frankel: No, I wouldn't. I wouldn't. I mean other people said that I wasn't even in moments that I thought that I was. I mean I do sweat the small stuff but that's like with everything. I'm probably a bridezilla in my life. Like the biggest thing, like a c-section wouldn't even fluster me but like the littlest thing like not being able to get the right kind of Italian ice while I was in the hospital would freak me out. Like I'm just very bizarre about things. So I don't sweat the big stuff in the wedding, just the dumb stuff.

What did you like the least and the most about being pregnant?

Bethenny Frankel: What did I like the - oh my god, well I swelled up in St. Bart's - really the swelling in my feet. Not being able to wear my shoes. The wheels came off after my wedding and I was like a big balloon. So that I liked the least. And the most - I just like feeling like a woman. You just feel really womanly. You just feel special and you feel like it's a miracle although you don't really realize what's actually inside of you because that was news to me. But I just - I just liked that it was a whole experience, that it was something new every day and that you just you were - someone was with you. Like I was - the baby was with me at my wedding. Like it was just - it was an interesting kind of feeling. And the red velvet cake, the red velvet cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory because I found that while I was pregnant.

How come Bravo chose you for your own series and not Jill getting, you know, a hobby or Kelly getting therapy? How come Bethenny Getting Married?

Bethenny Frankel: Well, you know, first of all me getting married does involve other people. Kelly Bensimon in therapy would involve a shrink and some like padded - a padded room so that might not be interesting for a whole hour. And Jill Zarin getting a hobby is probably going to take a little longer than - by the time production would get up. So that said, I don't know why. I mean I don't know why. I really don't. I guess, you know, they said they did focus groups to see what the viewer wants. They find out who the viewer wants to see more of, like you want to step outside of Housewives and be like do we want to get into this person's life? Because that's exactly what my show is. You saw - if you saw the screener it's like more micro. It's all about the devils in the details. Getting into my life rather than just seeing how my life relates to the other women.

Yeah. I like the fact that you don't go to parties every five seconds.

Bethenny Frankel: Exactly. Like exactly. Like I'm not at charity events on Dynasty every day. No. Right now I swear I'm laying down in pajamas. I still haven't taken a shower. I've been working out of bed. And when I get off the phone with you guys I'm going to go bathe. I'm always in my pajamas. I work out of my house. And I never want to be any different. If I have to leave the house - take them off. That's it. Not even. If I walk the dog I don't. But if I have to go somewhere where people will see me besides people in my neighborhood I put my clothes on.

Is Bethenny Getting Married a departure from the Real Housewives of NYC?

Bethenny Frankel: Absolutely. It's really - it's amazing. I think everybody at Bravo and everyone who's seen it is so surprised by that fact, that it could be so different. It's - you get into the minutiae of my life and the details of my life. And you really get into my relationship with my husband and what it's like for me to have gotten myself down the aisle and to be pregnant and all of these changes in my life. And it's really funny and it's really - but it's really emotional. But it's not catty. I don't have to yell at somebody for it to be entertaining. It's not - I don't have to be at a cocktail charity event and rip someone a new one or them rip me a new one for it to be entertaining. It's not - it doesn't give you a headache.

So no more Housewives?

Bethenny Frankel: I don't know. You know, it's hard to think about - I really don't think - I don't know. I mean I have no idea. I'm telling you like I really don't know. If I were in a lesser role maybe, like if I was in not that much. But it got really - it's enough. What else is there to do there? It is the top of the party and I may want to leave.

We'll really miss trash talking Bethenny.

Bethenny Frankel: Yeah. You know, that's kind of the only reason I would do it would be to, you know, jus to comment. But it's - it got - it got heightened this season. Let's say that. And my show is so refreshing compared to that.

Okay. So your life was busy before the baby. Will it be chaotic right after? And how do you intend to balance your career and motherhood?

Bethenny Frankel: I am - I'm not doing a great job. It's really, really crazy right now and I did do a date night with my husband last night, which was very smart. But I just - I guess you just have to resign yourself to the fact that it's not going to be balanced for a while. You're not going to sleep properly for a while. And then you'll probably crash and sleep for two days and start all over again. I mean right now I'm not really sleeping. I am kind of back to work from home and doing press for the show. And I mean, you know, the iron is hot and things are going really well for me right now. It's not like I've had a 20-year career where I can just lay down and checkout, you know? This is the time - this is the time for everything - for the baby, for my marriage, for work. So I'm doing - I'm trying. I'm trying to balance but it's hard.

And you managed to regain your figure immediately after giving birth. What was your secret?

Bethenny Frankel: I was healthy before. You know, that's why all of my books were - did well because I really did teach people how to be naturally thin without obsessing. And while I was pregnant I was just really balanced and realistic. I gained like 35 pounds. I did yoga, not like a crazy person, I walked when I could. I slept - that was the number one priority, when I could. But I ate kind of what I eat now with more calories. Like my diet was still a bank account when I was pregnant but I ate more and I indulged like I do now. But I never would finish really the whole dessert. I always had a little bit - I'm kind of - I've learned how to be balanced and reasonable and not obsessive. And the way it flew off - like ten pounds was left probably when I left the hospital. You're there for six days with a c-section. You only eat for like three of those days because they don't let you. Most of it's - a lot of it's baby and baby stuff. And then, you know, now I probably am six pounds heavier. But that'll probably - I'm a small girl anyway so six pounds is more than you think on me. And it'll probably take a while to get off. But it'll just fall off when it wants to.

Okay. Was your dad present during your pregnancy or has he seen the baby?

Bethenny Frankel: No. My father passed away while I was pregnant. He saw me when I was pregnant but not the baby.

How does it feel to be a real housewife?

Bethenny Frankel: It's great. I really do. The minute I - when I walked down the aisle I was - I mean I had the most beautiful wedding and I wasn't even really thinking about what it looked like or who was there. I just was so happy to be marrying Jason. I love it. I love being married. I love being married to him. I feel like everything came together. It's really nice.

Could you tell me what shocked you most about parenting?

Bethenny Frankel: Well breastfeeding is like the hardest thing I've - I could write 12 New York Times bestsellers before I could be good at breast - I mean it's just a very demanding, difficult, rewarding and worthwhile effort. But the hardest thing is not - or the surprise is like you just don't sit still because you're always - you just - you don't get a minute of peace. Like you're just up changing or bathing or breastfeeding or pumping or trying to get the baby to sleep, you know? It's just - and you're not sleeping. And I'm not complaining. I'm just saying I didn't realize that it was every second of the day. I didn't know babies woke up every three hours. That was news to me when the baby was born.

How are you and Jason different in your parenting skills?

Bethenny Frankel: I don't know yet. I think I'll be stricter. I'm very, very like - oh okay, yes I do. You know, I want her to know that you have to be able to be in the crib sometimes when your eyes are open and not every time you cry you're going to be held. I mean she's a little baby so you do that way more. If she's crying something is probably going on. But in general he would sit with her out on the couch for an hour and hold her where you really want to get her used to the regimen. And so for me I think I'll be more regimented and strict.

Okay. And there were recent reports that you might be trying for baby number two. Are those true? And how big do you plan on making your family?

Bethenny Frankel: I have no idea. Jason would like to try now and I would have a breakdown. So no, we are not - we can't try because we can't have sex yet. But we are not trying when we can have sex. I need to process and digest this, you know, adjust to having a baby. And I know that I'm older and would have to get on it. But, you know what, whatever happens, happens.

Is there anything that annoys you most about New York moms?

Bethenny Frankel: I don't know that many New York moms. Like I'm not really in the world of strollerville, nannyville. Like I'm doing it my own way. I'm kind of just - I'm not the first person who's ever had a baby and I'm sure that I'll be great and work it out. You know, I'm not like part of any kind of mommy clubs or anything. I'm sure I will when the kid goes to school. But nothing now.

How does your outlook on life has changed since having Bryn. Are you sweating less of the small stuff or maybe have you just looked in broader scopes of life? And, you know, is it all better?

Bethenny Frankel: Yeah. I would say you can't get worked up about everything. I mean I'm a total sweat the small stuff person for sure. But I feel like, you know, there's breast milk on my nightstand table like half the time. You know, what am I going to do? And I am a kind of really neurotic person. But you've got to let - something has to give. And so everything being perfect it's not going to happen. But that said, I'm still very organized. I'm still, you know, all of the baby's clothes are organized perfectly and I don't like any clutter in her room and, you know, I'm still the crazy person that, you know...

Is the dog and Bryn getting along well? Like did you find that that was a difficult transition for the pooch?

Bethenny Frankel: It wasn't that bad because I was really aware of it. She kind of doesn't really deal with the baby that much. She follows me around everywhere when I'm with the baby. But she doesn't do anything. My concern is when the baby crawls. That's what my vet said. So that will be in a couple of months or sooner I'm going to start thinking about that. I'm going to read that book Childproofing Your Dog.

When you signed onto the Real Housewives of New York City all those years ago, you know, you were in such a different place. Did you ever imagine that you'd eventually have your own show, Bethenny Getting Married, with a baby and, you know, such an amazing life?

Bethenny Frankel: I honestly did not think - no, knock wood, that I would have this amazing life. I really did something had to - I mean my show should have been called Something's Gotta Give except it was a great movie. But I really did think like you couldn't have all of these things because you had to, you know, sacrifice one. And who knows, I mean maybe I'll have to sacrifice my career at some point. I'm not sacrificing my husband or my kid. I know that. But no, when I signed onto The Real Housewives of New York City I wasn't sure it would be a success. Once I was on it, once it started airing I thought, you know, I would - maybe I could - I really did think I could have my own show and I did think it would be after two or three seasons. And I worked - we were starting to talk to Bravo about that. But honestly I'm still - I'm really the luckiest girl in the world. It's like - it's unbelievable to be able to have this kind of career and in this order. And the books and everything, it's been really - it really is unbelievable. I'm really - I'm really...

As someone who's kind of been watching you over the years and seeing you and Jason interact on TV it seems like you really have the perfect balance. And he's such a great partner for you.

Bethenny Frankel: He really is because he, you know, I wouldn't want a guy that was jumping in front of the camera because then you have Spencer Pratt. But Jason's just - he was - he doesn't like doing The Real Housewives of New York City. But he says, you know, if this is good for you and it's good for our family then, you know, I'll do it. And he likes doing the show because it's just really what's going on. And we get to - we get the joke. We know that some of the things that we're doing in our real lives are ridiculous. So we're kind of excited. Like we'll be sitting around and be like oh my god, why are the cameras not here right now? Because there are so many things that go on with us that are so absurd. He's got my sense of humor, you know? He's totally an idiot and so we both are idiots and so it's great.

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