Better Call Saul is not Breaking Bad. That became immediately clear from the spinoff series' first episode, which brought back disgruntled lawyer-turned-fugitive Saul Goodman in his formative years, when he was still known as 'Slippin' Jimmy McGill. But despite that fact, fans have constantly pestered series creator Vince Gilligan and the rest of his team with one big question: When will we see Walter White and Jesse Pinkman again? Well, according to star Bob Odenkirk, we might never see the pair. Or at least, we won't see Bryan Cranston reprising his iconic role as a cancer stricken meth dealer. Asked what the chances where of Walter White returning in an upcoming episode of Better Call Saul Season 2 by HuffingPost, Bob Odenkirk stated these dire words.

"Nil. Stop hoping. Stop referencing Breaking Bad ... it hasn't happened yet ... this show is THIS show, and it's full and complex and the stakes are different and it's a helluva unique and rich experience."
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This sounds very different from what Aaron Paul stated just latest week. Asked the same question on Reddit, the actor was more optimistic about Jesse Pinkman suiting up in his yellow biohazard jumpsuit. In fact, he teased that a cameo may have already been shot. Asked by a random fan if he was ready to appear in an episode of Better Call Saul, he gleefully stated this.

"Yeah of course! I'm such a huge fan of Better Call Saul, and of course everyone behind the show. So, who knows?... maybe I already shot it? ... it might be airing this season?  I don't know. Well, actually, I do know, but you'll have to watch and see. But yeah, I'd absolutely be opened to it and we have discussed the possibility."

Aside from Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut, Tuco Salamanca and a few other extremely obscure characters from Breaking Bad have reemerged on Better Call Saul, but there has never been a direct callback to the initial series in a substantial way that interrupts the current ongoing plot. And it's easy to see why the show's creators don't want to distract with that quite yet. We'll have to wait a few more weeks to see if there are any more direct shout outs to AMC's original hit drama. About other Breaking Bad characters showing up, and which ones he hopes to see, Bob Odenkirk quite simply states the following.

"None or all ... I'm on this show and enjoying it. Join me!"

Following his Oscar nomination this past February, Bryan Cranston is a very busy man. And it definitely sounds like we won't be seeing him return as Walter White in Better Call Saul Season 2. So far, the series hasn't been renewed for Season 3. And it's unclear how much longer creator Vince Gilligan plans to continue this story. Are you disappointed that we may never see Walter White again? Or is this definitely how it should play out? Sound off in the comments section below.