The trailer for Brett Simon's Better Start Running has been released and it shows an unexpected series of events that turns a normal store clerk into a wanted man. The movie premiered earlier this year at the Newport Beach Film Festival to positive reviews. It's is about neglected dreamers traveling through an old America that hardly exists anymore. It's a bizarre Bonnie and Clyde-type of film, throwing self-discovery into the mix after a crazy accident brings a group of misfits together.

Better Start Running is a story that follows a group of misfits that are on the run. However, Harley (played by Alex Sharp) isn't a normal "criminal," which is pointed out by his grandfather (played by Jeremy Irons) who asks why they keep stopping at cheesy roadside attractions while the FBI is hot on their tail. After a humorous accident, Harley finds himself in this weird situation and decides to go on the run while deciding to make it a fun road trip, without really thinking about it. The trailer for Better Start Running looks like a fun road trip movie with a crazy twist.

When talking about Better Start Running, director Brett Simon notes that in addition to self-discovery, the movie is also about "the risks and rewards of dreaming big." Alex Sharp's Harley character is a dreamer by nature and has the unique ability to turn the dreams of others into his own, even if it means helping the girl of his dreams get away. Harley brings his Vietnam veteran grandfather on the trip as a way to retrace the steps of an old family trip and picks up a hitchhiker on the way. Simon also reveals that the Harley character was his role model while he was making the film, guiding his way to keep the vision true.

Harley's passion for roadside attractions in Better Start Running ended up further inspiring Brett Simon while he was crafting the movie. Some famous roadside attractions including Carhenge, The Wig Wam Motels, and The World's Largest Cigarette Lighter are featured in Better Start Running, which helped to highlight the "creations of passionate dreamers," according to Simon. The director goes on to say that the cheesy roadside attractions are proof of others dreaming big, just like Harley.

Better Start Running is directed by Brett Simon from a script written by Chad Faust and Annie Burgstede. The film stars Analeigh Tipton, Jeremy Irons, Karan Soni, Alex Sharp, Maria Bello, and Edi Gathegi. The trailer for the movie is charming and is often pretty funny, inviting viewers to join the random group of misfits on their weird and crazy road trip. You can watch the trailer for Better Start Running below, thanks to the Freestyle Digital Media YouTube channel and then check out the film in select theaters on October 12th and VOD on the same day.

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Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick