Legendary actress Betty White just turned 98 years old, and the Golden Girls star was honored with a birthday song from Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock to celebrate the occasion. In a video posted to Reynolds' Twitter account, Bullock is first shown singing the traditional birthday song to White, with Reynolds chiming in so they can take turns delivering each line. Before the end of the song, however, Bullock and Reynolds feign an argument over which one of the two has more appreciation for White.

"Happy birthday from Sandy, who loves you more than Ryan," Sandra Bullock sings, breaking the flow of the tune. "What does Sandy do for you every year?" Reynolds says in response, interrupting his own singing to stress his point. Before breaking down into tears, Reynolds also adds: "Does she like, show up and hand-deliver flowers to you wearing nothing but black socks and a dozen gold bracelets, just like you requested? Doubt it." Meanwhile, Bullock finishes the song as normal and a birthday message for White with the Golden Girls theme playing in the background concludes the video. You can watch the entire clip in the tweet below.

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Ryan Reynolds and Sandy Bullock singing a duet of the birthday song for White is not as entirely random as it may seem. All three worked together as a part of the cast for the 2009 movie The Proposal, which was written by Peter Chiarelli and directed by Anne Fletcher. A romantic comedy, Bullock stars in the movie as a Canadian executive facing deportation in the United States because of an expired visa. To remain in the country, she forces her assistant (Reynolds) to pretend to be her fiancé, but as this is a romantic comedy, the two inevitably wind up together for real. White also starred in The Proposal as Grandma Annie the grandmother of Reynolds' character, and it's clear the three bonded during their time on the set.

One of the world's most beloved celebrities, White has the ability to make anything she appears in that much better with her charismatic presence. It's easy to point to The Golden Girls and its success as a prime example of why so many people love White, as along with the other stars of the show, White made the classic comedy series one of television's most popular sitcoms of all time. Just as talented as she is likeable, White has also had a very successful acting career, achieving eight Emmy Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Grammy, and even her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Of course, it is all completely deserved.

At this time, we would also like to take the opportunity to wish Betty White a happy birthday on her 98th year living on this planet. With decades upon decades of entertainment she has provided to all of us over the years, White is nothing short of a Hollywood legend and we wish her all the very best on this day. Here's to many, many more birthdays to come! This news comes to us from Ryan Reynolds on Twitter.