Everybody could use some laughter in their lives, especially now. And what better way to deliver some laughs than show off some hilarious Betty White bloopers? There probably isn't a better way at the moment. All of the bloopers come from TV Land's first ever original series, Hot in Cleveland, where White starred alongside Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendie Malick. The three women had some pretty great chemistry on and off the screen, which is evident in these outtakes. In addition, we've provided some of White's Elka Ostrovsky character's best moments.

Betty White played Elka Ostrovsky on Hot in Cleveland for six seasons between 2010 and 2015. While being TV Land's first original series, it also holds the record for being highest rated, mostly thanks to White's often dark and vulgar humor. Ostrovsky is an elderly Polish caretaker who often alludes to a storied life, including escaping from the Nazis, an active sex life, heavy drinking, and potential marijuana use. In other words, this is really the stuff people should be watching for a laugh at the moment.

Hot in Cleveland has often been compared to Betty White's hit Golden Girls series. That's pretty heavy praise since the show is one of the best the 1980s has to offer. White received two Screen Actors Guild Awards for her performance as Elka Ostrovsky and the series ended up taking home two Primetime Emmy nominations with a total of five nominations throughout its 6 seasons. Fans were not excited to hear that the show was coming to an end, but they were treated to a one-hour series finale.

In case anyone was wondering, Betty White is practicing social distancing at the moment like the rest of the world. The 98-year old actress is safe at home and reportedly having someone else take care of her essential shopping needs, which is the way it should be. According to sources, the actress is having a good time in her house, avoiding large crowds while more than likely enjoying a lot of TV like the rest of us. But what does Betty White watch while social distancing? Is she watching the news, or is she busying herself with some comedy.

It appears that the majority of people staying at home and practicing social distancing are watching comedies. Comedy movies, specials, and sitcoms. This sounds like the most logical thing for everybody to do, especially since we don't know exactly when this will all be over. For now, it looks like we're going to be indoors for a lot longer, so it's time to search for some more comedy. Perhaps some Hot in Cleveland reruns will be in order for those who haven't seen it yet. You can check out the Betty White Bloopers videos above, thanks to the TV Land YouTube channel. You can check out some of Elka Ostrovsky's best moments below.