Many fans of Betty White have been expressing their concern for her safety in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, but the Golden Girls star is apparently doing just fine. Because older people are at a much higher risk of harm if they contract the virus, White's fans have been flooding social media demanding to know that the beloved 98-year-old was still okay. On Wednesday night, TODAY reached out to White to check on her welfare, and a representative for the legendary actress offered this blunt response: "Betty is fine."

White's name had begun trending on Twitter following the shocking news that Hollywood stars Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson had both contracted coronavirus while working on a movie in Australia. Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert was also given a coronavirus diagnosis this week, leading to an entire shutdown of the NBA for this basketball season. If the star of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and other major celebrities are starting to get sick, it's leaving some to wonder who else in Hollywood might be getting it next, and people just wanted to make sure that White was okay.

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CDC officials have said that anyone aged 60 and above is much more at risk than those 59 and under. Of course, there's a lot of concern for the safety of Hanks and Wilson at this time as well, as both are 63 years old. People with compromised immune systems are also more vulnerable to the disease, and Hanks' Type 2 diabetes could potentially lead to complications during his recovery. As a breast cancer survivor, Wilson is also facing these risks as well. The good news is that the pair are being cared for very well by medical professionals in Australia and they seem to be in very good spirits in the statements Hanks has released to his fans.

As the global pandemic spreads, some major changes are being made across the United States to help contain the epidemic and stop it from spreading further. Major sporting events, conventions, and large gatherings have been shutting down across the state. Many schools and colleges are closing for weeks with some switching entirely to online classes. This week, Donald Trump also declared that all travel from Europe to the United States would be barred for the next month, excluding the United Kingdom. We all have to do our part as well, which means staying home as much as possible and always washing your hands.

The reason why White has so many fans is because she's spent eight decades working as an entertainer, winning over fans for nearly an entire century. People of all ages love White, leading to the collective fear that she might get sick with celebrities revealing their diagnoses. The coronavirus spread is certainly a scary thing, but it's great to know White is fine and hopefully keeping to herself as all of us work to keep the virus contained. Stay safe out there, everyone! This news comes to us from TODAY.