Legendary actress Betty White wants everyone to know she's thriving at home as fans of The Golden Girls star continue to express their concerns for the 98-year-old on social media. Like a lot of people in recent months, White has not been seen in public for a while, keeping to herself at home in the interest of staying safe. In March, a representative for White had announced that the actress was "fine" in a rather brief statement. Now, a new update sent on behalf of White reveals that she is still "doing very well" and practicing social distancing as she stays at home.

"No one permitted in except those who must. Has helpers who are great with her," White's publicist tells Today. The rep also notes that the two "always have laughs" on the phone several times a week during their conversations, so White has clearly kept her sense of humor amid the most troubling time period in recent history. Additionally, White's animal friends outside of the home have also been stopping by to help keep her company, and that probably helps as well. "Betty has [a] beautiful backyard with a number of wild animals visiting. Two ducks always come by to say hello. They waddle up to her glass door and look in," White's rep says, adding that the "animal community is watching over her."

So, Betty White is safe, but how has she been passing the time with her self-isolation? Tom Sullivan, a friend of White, says the iconic entertainer does a lot of reading, which includes going through every edition of the Los Angeles Times from "cover to cover." To keep her mind sharp, White has also been solving crossword puzzles nonstop at home, and apparently, she has more than enough to keep her busy for however long these social distancing measures will take. "She owns literally thousands of crossword puzzle books and is constantly doing them to keep her mind jumping. This is really serious with her," Sullivan says.

Despite having so many crossword puzzles on hand to work through, White seems to be ready to get back to work. Earlier this month, the 98-year-old signed on to star in an upcoming Lifetime Christmas movie as a Santa coach who just might be from the North Pole. According to Lifetime, White's character "helps whip would-be Santas into shape, spreading the true meaning of Christmas and leading everyone to wonder: Is she secretly Mrs. Claus?" This kind of light-hearted story with one of the world's all-time greatest performers seems to be just what we need these days given how difficult life has been for most of us lately.

As White is perhaps more resilient than anyone, it's looking like she's going to be just fine for the foreseeable future. "The [illness] is afraid of Betty!" White's publicist emphatically claims. That might be true, but just in case, let's hope the actress continues to take all of the necessary precautions to keep herself healthy as she prepares for her next movie role. Stay safe, Betty! This news comes to us from Today.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick