Hillary Clinton is down in the polls with young voters as the election looms near. So what better way to get young eyes on her agenda then placing her where most 18-year-olds don't go? On Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis! The show, which is purposely iconoclastic, has always been steered towards a more eloquent, older audience. Though, it's probably one place we won't see Donald Trump pop up any time soon.

Hillary Clinton's slumping poll numbers with first time voters is cited as one of the reasons she decided to do Zach Galifianakis' unique talk show, where he doesn't ever quite treat his guests fairly. And she is fairly game and pleasant, playing along as Zach sneaks up on her in a Halloween mask, only to be taken down by her secret service before he can reach his host chair.

Truth be told, Hillary Clinton doesn't have great comedic timing, but she has always been willing to play, whether it is here, on an episode of The Tonight Show, or in a skit on SNL. The Funny or Die video allows her to play to her strengths, as she seems to suffer in silence as Galifianakis acts the buffoon. She does manage to squeeze in a zinger or two.

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Over two years ago, Zach Galifianakis managed to get President Obama to sit down for an interview that proved to be quite popular. The pair discussed a possible third term for Obama, but it was a rash on Zach's arm that got the most attention, and helped place an eye on Obamacare, helping the Healthcare.gov's traffic to jump to 40% in just 24 hours. Hillary Clinton has come aboard hoping her appearance will have similar results in regards to poll numbers.

Amongst the hard hitting questions is how excited she is to possibly become 'the first girl' President of the United States. She responds with a standard answer, but Zach is quick to point out that, for a lot of younger people, she will also be the 'first white president'. This latest Between Two Ferns episode also gets some milage out of Hillary Clinton's recent bout with Pneumonia, which has been a target for jokes on the talk show circuit recently.

Clinton calls Galifianakis out for his dated jokes, as he wonders what happens if the President becomes pregnant. And at one point, Zach tries to ply the Presidential candidate with answers to one of his own questions, which isn't met with much gratitude. A couple of Trump jokes are thrown in for good measure, and when Hillary assumes Donald will wear his red power tie to the first debate, Zach suggests that he'll more than likely wear his white power tie, pretty much ensuring that we won't see the Republican candidate taking a seat on Between Two Ferns anytime soon.

It's hard to tell if anyone every has fun on Zach's little talk show, which has become a big deal over the years, especially as they become more sporadic and rare. Galifianakis wraps the interview by asking Hillary Clinton if email is the best way to reach her. But you probably saw that one coming. You can watch the entire interview thanks to Funny or Die.

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