In a showdown between a little dog and a big country, the little dog came out on top. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Beverly Hills Chihuahua took the top spot on the national DVD sales charts, for the week ending March 8. It did face some stiff competition from another newcomer, though.

Australia debuted in second place right behind Beverly Hills Chihuahua on the sales charts, but ended the week atop the rental charts for the week, with Beverly Hills Chihuahua nipping at its heels in second place. It was reported that Beverly Hills Chihuahua generated almost 83% of the rental revenue that Australia generated.

While Australia and Beverly Hills Chihuahua took the top two spots in the Blu-ray sales charts, the anticipated arrival of a theatrical blockbuster affected the home video charts as well. The Watchmen tie-in DVD, Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comics debuted in ninth place on the DVD sales charts and a strong fourth place on the Blu-ray sales charts. It was said that 29% of the disc's sales were in the BD format.