Last year, when Eddie Murphy was promoting the comedy Tower Heist, many were hoping for an update on the long-gestating Beverly Hills Cop 4. Instead, he made the surprising revelation that the sequel is dead, and that he is working on a Beverly Hills Cop TV series. Today, we have word that the actor is teaming up with The Shield creator Shawn Ryan and Sony Pictures Television to make this show a reality.

However, don't expect the series to center on Eddie Murphy's Axel Foley. The original report revealed that the actor would show up "here and there" in the series, but it will mainly focus on Foley's son, with Axel now serving as the Detroit Chief of Police.

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They started pitching this show to networks earlier today, with confirmation coming in that Eddie Murphy will executive produce and have a minor on-screen role. It isn't known if their approach has changed since the first report in October, or if this pitch includes the rights to The Pointer Sisters' classic "The Neutron Dance."

Sony Pictures Television has an overall deal with Shawn Ryan, who is launching his new series Last Resort on ABC Thursday, September 27 at 8 PM ET.