Christian Bale has a strong reputation as one of this generation's more serious actors. So when it was revealed a few years ago that Beverly Hills Ninja is his favorite movie, it took some fans by surprise. Though, it kind of makes sense. The actor is known for taking on mostly dramatic roles, as well as for playing the most brooding Batman to ever hit the big screen in The Dark Knight trilogy. Of course he'd gravitate towards lighter fare while enjoying himself at the movies.

Some believe that this is just an interesting fun fact that holds no merit or weight. While the idea that Christian Bale loves Beverly Hills Ninja has been the subject of many listicles, no one ever bothers to source the original link this info came from. Until now. Yahoo has tracked this bit of trivia back to an Esquire interview from 2010. The actor was discussing his low-level of cinephiledom when he said this.

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"Chris Farley was just phenomenal. [Beverly Hills Ninja] will always remain one of my tops."

It's not quite clear how this ballooned into Beverly Hills Ninja being Christian Bale's favorite movie. But Yahoo went directly to the source to see if there was any truth to the idea. Out promoting his latest movie, the heavy drama Knight of Cups, the actor had this to say about his love for Chris Farley's cult comedy, which was decimated by critics upon its release in theaters way back in 1997.

"That's a tricky one there, innit, you know? There's just so many that fulfill different moments... There's a film for different moods that you have. Oh! I always choose... the default answer for me is Beverly Hills Ninja. It's an easy one to give because most people go, 'What? Oh, okay.' But Chris Farley's fantastic. Clearly I've got other films, but I just watched that two nights in a row and was crying with laughter both times, so I just went, 'Yeah I'll give that as my answer.'"

So, not only is it at the top of his list of favorite films, he had to watch it twice, back-to-back, just to completely bath himself in the experience. But Christian Bale later admits that he's still only seen the comedy those two times, and has never watched it since. That means he hasn't seen the movie since at least 2010, which was more than 6 years ago.

Despite that, Beverly Hills Ninja has stuck with Christian Bale over the years. Enough so that he's still talking about it when people ask what his favorite movie is. What do you think? Is he crazy? Or do you love Beverly Hills Ninja just as much as he does?