Your DVD player will be enchanted in July...

Starring the Emmy® Award-nominated trio of Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, and Agnes Moorehead, Bewitched: The Complete Fifth Season debuts on DVD July 10 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The DVD is magically filled with all 30 episodes from the Emmy-nominated fifth season in a 4-disc boxed set. The enduringly popular comedy about a nose-twitching witch married to a mortal was nominated for three Emmy Awards for this season. The DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $39.95.

The fifth season contains many classic episodes, including Endora (Moorehead) turning Darin (York) into the most self-centered man on earth; Samantha (Montgomery) traveling to 1868 New Orleans; Uncle Arthur (Paul Lynde) bringing Napoleon forward in time; Tabitha (Erin Murphy) turning a schoolmate into a butterfly; Samantha, Uncle Arthur and Serena learning to function as mortals after their powers are taken away by the Witches Council; and Samantha announcing she's going to have another baby. Guest stars include Academy Award® winner Mercedes McCambridge (Best Supporting Actress, All the King's Men, 1950), Fifi D'orsay (They Had to See Paris), Vic Tayback (TV's Alice), Danny Bonaduce (TV's The Partridge Family), and Lloyd Bochner (TV's Dynasty).

The debut episode of Bewitched originally aired on ABC September 17, 1964, and the series became an instant hit with critics and audiences, ultimately airing 256 episodes over eight seasons. Produced and directed by William Asher (TV's I Love Lucy), Bewitched was nominated for 22 Emmy Awards® over the course of its run, winning three.

Bewitched: The Complete Fifth SeasonDVD Episodes Include:

- Samantha's Wedding Present

- Cousin Serena Strikes Again - Part 1

- Cousin Serena Strikes Again - Part 2

- Samantha Goes South For a Spell

- One Touch of Midas

- Samantha on the Keyboard

- Samantha, the Bard

- Darrin, Gone & Forgotten

- Samantha, the Sculptress

- It's Nice to Have a Spouse Around the House

- Mrs. Stephens Where Are You?

- Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

- Marriage, Witches Style

- Samantha's French Pastry

- Going Ape

- Is It Magic or Imagination?

- Tabitha's Weekend

- Samantha Fights City Hall

- The Battle of Burning Oak

- Samantha Loses Her Voice

- Samantha's Power Failure

- I Don't Want to Be a Toad, I Want to Be a Butterfly

- Samantha Twitches for UNICEF

- Weep No More My Willow

- Daddy Does His Thing

- Instant Courtesy

- Samantha's Good News

- Samantha's Supermaid

- Samantha's Shopping Spree

- Samantha & Darrin in Mexico

Technical Specs:

- Digitally Remastered in High Definition Audio and Video

- Aspect Ratio: Full Screen Presentations

- Audio: English, Spanish, Portuguese

- Subtitles: Spanish, Portuguese

- CC: Yes