The Good

This show was subversive in the best comedic way possible.

The Bad

No Special Features.

Bewitched: The Complete Fourth Season continues the tales of the put upon Darrin Stephens as he deals with his wife Samantha and her witch side of the family. Whether she is aided or tripped up by her mother Endora (or any of the other witches or warlocks in their brood), you can bet that there are going to be plenty of laughs as even the most simple of situations gets confused, coerced, conjoined, or concocted on this hilarious show.

This season sees Tabitha mimicking Endora as she brings her toys to life ("Toys In Babeland"), Endora casting a spell on Darrin in which he turns into a scrooge ("Cheap, Cheap"), and Leonardo Da Vinci painting the Stephens' home ("Samantha's Da Vinci Dilemma"). While Bewitched is one of those shows that could best be described as light entertainment, I don't know if that assessment should necessarily count against it. It was filled with very funny characters and situations, but even more than that it held a mirror up to society without making it known that that was exactly what it was doing.


No extras came with this 4 disc release.


Full Screen. As I often remark, shows that were originally in black and white and then moved to color have an almost portrait-like quality to them. The 33 episodes that make up this set are no exception at all. As I skipped around on these discs, I figured I could catch some visual glitches somewhere but that never happened. From what I saw, all of the episodes that comprised this set seem like they have been given the utmost care as they moved from the vault to this DVD set.


Dolby Digital Stereo. The audio on these DVDs was pretty solid. Sony usually doesn't put out a release without above par sound. That is definitely the case here. While the audio is pretty simple, fans of the show and people who watch a lot of DVDs would certainly know if there was a problem. It isn't that there is any one thing about the audio on this release that is special, it's all just really well put together making this a highly enjoyable viewing and auditory experience.


Elizabeth Montgomery is the main attraction on this DVD cover which also features Dick York and Agnes Moorehead. There is a solid green color that appears all over this box, as well as some animation from the show. The back cover features three shots from this fourth season, a description of what this show is about, and a technical specs list. All 4 discs are neatly housed inside this set which contains more artwork from the show, as well as episode listings and descriptions. All in all, Sony has made this release highly economical, but I still think there was some room on the discs for at least a few extras.

Final Word

I don't know why it took me so long to realize this, but Elizabeth Montgomery is beautiful. All these years (before TV on DVD) I have been seeing her on the small screen but I had never paid much attention to her. Seeing her here now (well, I guess this realization actually took place when I reviewed an episode of Johnny Staccato on the Brilliant But Canceled: Crime Dramas DVD) there was just something that clicked. It was if all my years of observing this show in a cursory way finally paid off, because I think I really understood why Bewitched ran for 8 seasons. Sure, it was filled with quirky characters and goofball situations, but Elizabeth Montgomery effortlessly held this show together. Even when she wasn't the focal point of every episode, her mere presence pervaded each and every story.

As I always say, if you are fan of this show (or you have been collecting them), you need to make Bewitched: The Complete Fourth Season a part of your collection.

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