The Pink Panther: According to Variety, MGM is in talks with Beyonce Knowles to play the chief suspect in a diamond heist in "The Pink Panther" and has tapped French star Jean Reno (Ronin) to play Inspector Clouseau's traveling companion.

Steve Martin plays the comical French detective as he bumbles through the investigation to find the legendary Pink Panther diamond ring.

Reno will play his driver Ponton, who's secretly an undercover cop assigned by the boss to keep an eye on Clouseau. Knowles is eyeing the role of Xania, a pop singer whose suddenly dead boyfriend owned the rock.

"Panther" pic, which began with a Len Blum script, is now prepping after Martin turned in a polish of the script. Shawn Levy (Cheaper By The Dozen) is directing.