The Pink Panther: In recent talks with ETOnline, singer / actress Beyoncé Knowles talked about her upcoming role in The Pink Panther...

"I only had a month and DESTINY'S CHILD is going back in the studio, so I had to decide, 'Am I going to do a movie or am I going to go on vacation?'" Beyoncé tells ET. "I thought I was going to go on vacation until they told me the offer was from 'The Pink Panther.' I was, 'The Pink Panther'! That's amazing. STEVE MARTIN, that's even more amazing.'"

Beyoncé fits right in with her role as Xania -- an international pop star -- who happens to become a murder suspect!

"You don't know if Xania has a crush on Clouseau or if she is using her sexuality as a weapon," the pop diva admits.

"Xania is very fashion forward," Beyoncé says. "Every outfit gets better and better. Joe Aulisi came to my concert and showed me some of the sketches and I couldn't wait to get in these clothes."

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