The Southwestern desert. Temperatures exceed 130 degrees. Without water, the average man will die within 60 minutes. Michael Douglas is not your average man! That is the set up of the brand new trailer for Beyond the Reach, which also stars Jeremy Irvine.

In Beyond the Reach, a high-rolling corporate shark (Michael Douglas) and his impoverished young guide (Jeremy Irvine) play the most dangerous game during a hunting trip in the Mojave Desert in this lean, mean cat-and-mouse thriller. Douglas will do anything to protect his fame and fortune. When one misfire unexpectedly kills a man, the trip devolves into a nerve-racking game between the hunter and his young guide.

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Beyond the Reach is in theaters and on demand April 17. Take a look at the first footage, which offers up sweeping vistas of the desert, along with thrilling scenes of this duo trying to outwit one other without being the first to die. Will the harsh elements do them in before they can do away with each other?