As sure as there are shark movies every summer, they'll always bee alien abduction and UFO movies to follow in the fall. And they're never very good. That all changes with the scary new sci-fi thriller Beyond the Sky, which sets out to find the truth behind all those extraterrestrial sightings.

Beyond the Sky infiltrates theaters and VOD Digital HD this fall. These unidentified flying objects will be invading the local multiplex on September 21, just as the sky starts to darken in shades of deep blue and orange and the leaves start to fall. You know the smell. Its the smell of absolute fear.

Director Fulvio Sestito has teamed with writers Rebecca Berrih, Marc Porterfield, Fulvio Sestito, Rob Warren Thomas to bring UFO fans one of the most heart-rate inducing pieces of cinema seen in quite some time. And they've assembled an A+ cast that includes such cult movie luminaries as Ryan Carnes, Jordan Hinson, Peter Stormare, Dee Wallace, Martin Sensmeier, Don Stark. Tell us you're not just a little intrigued now? Here is the official synopsis for Beyond the Sky from RLJE Films.

"Chris Norton has been hearing about alien abductions his entire life but, in his gut, he knows they are not real. Setting out to disprove the alien abduction phenomenon once and for all, he attends a UFO convention to meet alleged abductees and reveal the truth behind their experiences. It is only when he meets Emily, who claims to have been abducted every seven years on her birthday, that Chris realizes there may be more to these claims than meets the eye. With Emily's 28th birthday only days away, Chris helps her to uncover the truth as they come face to face with the reality that we are not alone."

Beyond the Sky marks Fulvio Sestito's directorial debut He's made a name for himself in genre circles with the short The Showdown. And financiers were so impressed with what they saw here in Beyond the Sky that the filmmaker had no trouble securing his next directorial effort, The Curse, which is currently in pre-production.

Star Peter Stormare is known for his captivating turns in the classics Fargo and Armageddon. He can most recently be seen in the hit TV series Swedish Dicks. Joining him on screen here is Dee Wallace, who is genre movie royalty. She played the mom in Steven Spielberg's E.T. and is known for such classics as Cujo, The Hills Have Eyes, Critters and she'll soon be seen in Rob Zombie's Three From Hell. Heck, she was even in an episode of Bigfoot and WildBoy.

You can check outage first trailer for Beyond the Sky from RLJE Films. They have also provided the awesome first trailer. This should keep you from star gazing for a while.

Beyond the Sky Poster