The Big Bang Theory ended its highly rated and game changing Season 8 with a nail-biting cliffhanger that has left fans on the edge of their seat all summer. Will they or won't they get married? That is the question everyone has been asking about Leonard and Penny and their impending nuptials. This nagging question has finally been answered. So, please turn back now if you don't want to hear the mother of all spoilers!

Yes! Leonard and Penny are going to officially tie the knot. This news doesn't come from some fan ease-dropping on one of the live tapings. This giant piece of The Big Bang Theory Season 9 intel actually comes from showrunner Steve Molaro himself. If you're up to speed as The Big Bang Theory airs new episodes on CBS, and not a syndication newbie just starting to fall in love with one of the world's highest rated shows, then you know full well that Leonard and Penny were about to take the biggest step forward in their lives as last season came to its rousing and shocking conclusion.

But then Leonard totally blew it. In May's Season 8 finale, Leonard and Penny decided to get any unaired dirty laundry out of the way as they zoomed towards Las Vegas to get married. This is when Leonard dropped a pretty big bombshell. He'd actually cheated on Penny. While he didn't go all the way with another woman, he did engage in a pretty big make-out session with female human being while he was away on his North Sea expedition.

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Though that indiscretion was left dangling in the wind as the curtains closed on The Big Bang Theory Season 8, it doesn't seem to have affected Penny and Leonard's relationship too bad. Yet. The longtime couple will officially become husband and wife in The Big Bang Theory Season 9 premiere, leaving fans who haven't read this story little time to wonder about the lovebirds' fate as a couple. But there's a whole lot more to the story then what is being let on. Steve Molaro explains.

"[Marriage?] that's really only the beginning of the story. As fun and as great as it is to see them get married, that's only part of it."

Leonard and Penny's honeymoon will be delayed by the arrival of the mystery woman whom Leonard made out with on his North Sea expedition. Melissa Tang, best known for her role as Suzanne Taylor on Mom, has landed the role of Leonard's secret fling. Though, she won't show up until the second episode. It hasn't yet been revealed how she'll shake things up. But divorce probably isn't on the docket just yet. Steve Molaro and his team believed that, going into Season 9, it was simply time to advance this relationship, which was in danger of getting very stale.

"We're nine years in and we want to keep things moving forward, as well as exciting and scary and fun. And I think this a great way to do it. Penny has had commitment issues for years and years now, especially when it comes to Leonard, and even she feels, 'How much longer are we going to go back and forth on this? Let's just jump in and hope for the best.'"

What do you think? Are you excited to see Leonard and Penny tie the knot? Or are you more excited to see what is happening with Sheldon and Amy? Now that Leonard and Penny are most likely about to move in together, Sheldon's entire world is going to be rocked upside down. Bazinga, indeed! While we anxiously await the The Big Bang Theory Season 9 premiere, which kicks off on September 21, here is a sneak peek at the hijinks to come.

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