Are you ready for this? We know they're not ready for this! Do not continue reading if you don't want to know the big twist coming in The Big Bang Theory as Season 9 gets ready to retire for a few months during its winter hiatus. It involves Jim Parsons' Sheldon and Mayim Bialik's Amy. While they may be estranged at the moment, things are really going to start heating up!

Okay, enough pussyfooting around! The germaphobe Sheldon Cooper is about to go where he's never gone before...To the bedroom with a woman! Yes, Amy and Sheldon are finally going to have sex! They are both losing their V cards. The one thing that's not known is...Will it bring them back as a couple? The resulting aftershocks of coitus may be too much for Dr. Cooper to handle.

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Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik taped their big love making episode this week, putting the entire universe back in its rather hot, dense state. And this untitled episode promises to melt all the snow this winter. The episode in question will air December 17. And from the sounds of it, some fans might not be ready for this kind of geek explosion. Showrunner Steve Molaro had this to say about the act that will send shockwaves through homes across America this Holiday season.

"After over five years of dating, we felt the time was right for Sheldon and Amy to finally consummate their relationship. And we're so excited for the audience to see the journey over the next several episodes."

It remains to be seen if coitus, the term Sheldon likes to use when referring to sex, will bring Amy and Sheldon closer as romantic partners. Some speculate that this could push them further apart. And it could be leading up to a Fall finale cliffhanger that won't be resolved. While this particular episode doesn't yet have a title, we do know that it will tie into Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Earlier this year, we learned that The Big Bang Theory is planning a big surprise that will be tied into Star Wars 7, and having sex for the first time is certainly going to be a metaphor a lot of folks use when watching the long-awaited sequel. In this episode, which premieres the day before Star Wars: The Force Awakens premieres in theaters, Bob Newhart will reprise his role as Arthur Jeffries, aka Professor Proton. Having passed away in The Big Bang Theory Season 7, The Professor now appears to Sheldon as a Force Ghost on the planet of Dagobah. The earlier report said that Jeffries will be helping Sheldon with a big life altering decision. Now, we know what that decision will be. Though, we're not sure if Master Jedi Proton will be for or against the act of coitus.

This will be the fourth time Bob Newhart has played Arthur Jeffries on the show. He was first introduced in a Season 6 episode titled The Proton Resurgence. His appearance won the legendary comedian his first-ever Primetime Emmy Award for Guest Star in a comedy. His character was so popular that he was brought back twice in The Big Bang Theory Season 7, including an episode titled The Proton Transmogrification that revolved around Star Wars Day and first introduced the idea that Professor Proton is a Force Ghost (officially licensed and sanctioned by Lucasfilm, no less).

While this upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory will be tied into its own Star Wars mythos, it is not yet known what other Force Awakens surprises are planned. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj have all been obsessed with the Star Wars franchise since the show first premiered way back in 2007. There are numerous references littered throughout the episodes, and you can find plenty of Star Wars memorabilia throughout the set. And in the episode The Convention Conundrum, they brought in classic Star Wars actors James Earl Jones (Darth Vader) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia). Sheldon and Amy having sex is the perfect way to celebrate the return of Star Wars in theaters, since a lot of nerd couples may feel compelled to do the same after they see the movie. Its almost like a big geek prom. What do you think about all of this? Is it about time these two did the deed, and turned in their V cards forever? And...Oh my god...What if Amy got pregnant?