Leonard and Sheldon will be awakened by the force! Yes, in true Big Bang Theory fashion, the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens will wreck havoc on the lives of Dr. Cooper and Dr. Hofstadter in a big way. The show has always been Star Wars obsessed, and this fall, they're taking it up a notch. The Big Bang Theory Season 9 will have an episode that completely revolves around the release of the first Star Wars in ten years. Executive producer Steve Molaro had this to say to TVLine.

"We're talking about how that will be weaved into [the guys'] lives. And we have some really cool ideas."

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj have all been obsessed with the Star Wars franchise since the show first premiered way back in 2007. There are numerous references littered throughout the episodes, and you can find plenty of Star Wars memorabilia throughout the set. The gang celebrated Star Wars Day 2014 with an episode titled The Proton Transmogrification, which put Jim Parsons's Sheldon on a Dagobah set overseen by Lucasfilm. They also had a lot of fun earlier that year with The Convention Conundrum, which brought in classic Star Wars actors James Earl Jones (Darth Vader) and Carrie Fisher. About doing something special for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Steve Molaro explains.

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"Obviously, we're all excited about it, just as human beings - and the characters are as well. I don't know exactly how it's going to play in, but it won't be ignored."

It's possible that there will be may mentions of Star Wars: The Force Awakens leading up to The Big Bang Theory Season 9 mid-season finale, which will air before the December release date for the movie. Another major thing happening this year are the impending nuptials between Leonard and Penny. Showrunner Steve Molaro has already let the cat out of the bag. SPOILER ALERT! The pair are getting married.

Though, according to Molaro, tying the knot is just the beginning of a much larger story. Season 8 left off with a nail-biting cliffhanger which saw Leonard revealing to Penny that he'd cheated on her during his North Sea expedition. They were on their way to Las Vegas for a drive-through wedding, one that will still take place. Though not without complications.

Leonard and Penny's honeymoon will be stalled, partly by the appearance of Leonard's fling, played by Melissa Tang. While the wedding will take place in the first episode of the new season, Leonard's other woman doesn't appear on the scene until episode 2. And it's going to get ugly. So far, we have not yet heard how Leonard and Penny's marriage will affect Sheldon, and in turn, his relationship with Amy. We'll all have to wait and see how that plays out when The Big Bang Theory Season 9 debuts September 21 on CBS.

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