Anyone who watches The Big Bang Theory on a regular basis knows that Sheldon Cooper is a weird guy. He might be one of the strangest characters currently on TV. But guess what? He's about to get even weirder. Apparently, he has a big secret he's been hiding from everyone. Even us, the audience. And that secret is going to be revealed soon.

Just a little over halfway through Season 9, The Big Bang Theory gang has been through quite a bit this past year. And it seemed as if the show had no surprises left for its fans as it heads into the already renewed Season 10. But that's not the case. The sitcom still has a few bombshells to drop before it brings everything to a close this summer. And at the forefront of this tsunami of laughs is Jim Parsons' much-loved Shelly. But what could he possibly have hiding in his back pocket? Showrunner and executive producer Steve Molaro teases this about the future.

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"Very soon Sheldon is going to reveal a weird secret to Amy that he's been hiding for a long time that nobody knows about."

Now the speculation begins! EW confirms that this big secret has nothing to do with the engagement ring. And it's unlikely that Sheldon will get down on bended knee to propose to Amy before the end of Season 9. The fact that this is being described as a 'weird' secret could mean anything, as Sheldon lays across a broad spectrum of strangeness that none of his friends fully understand. Shedlon could finally reveal that he has Asperger's syndrome, which he often displays the symptoms of. But that would be highly insensitive of the show runner to call that a 'weird' secret.

The first go to would be sex related. Perhaps Shelly has some odd deformity. But this isn't likely either, as Amy and Sheldon have already done the deed. And they appeared to do it in a fully lit room. Perhaps everything stayed under the sheets, and in that moment of ecstasy, Amy Farrah Fowler never noticed Sheldon's vestigial tail? The possibilities are quite endless. The most likely scenario is that this 'weird secret' will be revealed in the final moments of the upcoming finale, and could possibly be part of this year's cliffhanger.

There has been much speculation that Season 10 might be the last for The Big Bang Theory. But Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco have both stated that they will stay on the show as long as they can. The hit comedy is one of the biggest series currently airing on TV, and we don't envision it going anywhere anytime soon. So don't look for Sheldon's weird secret to be something life changing for his friends and lover. It's probably just the set up for a big punchline. My own personal theory? He'll finally be revealed as an alien. With Season 10 partially taking place on his home world...Wait, that's the plot of Home featuring the voice of Jim Parsons as an alien...Never mind.