The Good

The Bad

I must admit that I was quite pleased to be asked to review this movie. Unable to catch it in the theater I found myself wishing that I had seen Big Fat Liar sooner when I screened it on DVD. No, this isn't the best film I have ever seen, and I am sure that seeing the movie on the big screen wouldn't have been that much better, but I really liked the film and I wish that I could've supported it during it's theatrical run. Without giving you a paint by numbers account of this film, I will just touch of some quick but important points. Fourteen year old Jason Shepard (Frankie Muniz) says that hot shot producer Marty Wolf (the always good Paul Giamatti) has stolen a paper he wrote and turned it into a smash hit movie. Convincing his best friend Kaylee (Amanda Bynes), they set out on a cross country adventure together to "squeeze" the truth out of the ruthless Wolf. What ensues is honestly one of the more entertaining films I have seen in a long time.Gone are the irony and cynicism from this project. It is just a good time. An enjoyable time and it reminds me of many of the 80s films (Adventure In Babysitting, Ferris Buller's Day Off) that I enjoyed so much as young boy growing up in Orange County. Muniz displays a charm that belies his years the fact that these filmmakers somehow resurrected Lee Majors (my personal hero from The Million Dollar Man fame) certainly didn't hurt my opinion of this film. It would be nice if more films were made like this. Not that I mind "McMovies" (films with nothing on their agendas then tie-ins and marketing angles) but I found the plot (someone trying to right a wrong) and the execution of that plot nearly flawless. And as I said, this isn't 2001 but it is a very "fun" film and in this day an age that certainly accounts for something.


- Amanda Bynes Guides you through the menus!!!- Deleted Scenes- Spyro Video Game that only comes on this DVD:- Cheat code to turn Spyro BLUE- Sneak Peak of Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly- Special new Spyro Video Game- Interactive Universal Studios Backlot adventure- Trivia Challenge- Behind the Scenes Featurette- Feature Commentaries with Frankie Muniz and Director Shawn LevyAll of these fetaures are WELL worth the price of the DVD! You'll be throughly entertained for days!




Final Word

I look forward to watching this film many more times.One day I hope to have a child and then I can show them this film as well.

Big Fat Liar was released February 8, 2002.