After taking in more than $600 million at the box office, and winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature last month, many fans are hoping that Disney will pull the trigger on a sequel to Big Hero 6, but the studio has not made an official announcement at this time. Of course, since the movie is based on a Marvel comic book, there are surely more stories to be told in this universe, although directors Don Hall and Chris Williams recently revealed that they have no current plans to make a follow-up. While doing press for her action-thriller Run All Night, Genesis Rodriguez, who voiced Honey Lemon in Big Hero 6, says that she has heard "rumblings" of a sequel in the works at Disney.

"There's rumblings of something else happening. I mean yesterday I just saw that it's the third most grossing Disney animated feature, so this is huge for them. I doubt that they wouldn't want to do another one. It was a huge success."
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This update comes just a few days after we reported that directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck shot down reports of a Frozen sequel being developed at Disney. Since Frozen is the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, a sequel will likely happen at some point, but it's clear that the studio isn't rushing it into production. While nothing has been confirmed, it's possible Disney may also be taking their time with a Big Hero 6 sequel as well, but, as Genesis Rodriguez points out, there is plenty of story left to be told.

"Well, it's a comic book, so they have so many. It's a Marvel franchise that Disney adapted. Just like comic books, you could make it a complete different story and the superheroes reunited to attack someone else. So it's a perfect little setup they got for a sequel if they wanted to."

It's also possible that the "rumblings" Genesis Rodriguez is hearing could be related to a Disney short film that reunites the Big Hero 6, similar to the Frozen Fever short that will be shown in theaters alongside Cinderella starting March 13. That hasn't been confirmed at this time, of course, but it certainly isn't out of the realm of possibilities. Would you rather see a sequel to Frozen before Big Hero 6? Let us know what you think below.