While we've been introduced to all of the good guys in Big Hero 6, we haven't seen much of the villain. That changes with the latest TV spot for this Disney adventure based on the Marvel comic book. Meet Yokai, a silent but deadly super villain intent on taking over San Fransoyko! It will be up to Hiro and his robot BFF Baymax to save the day. Watch and learn how a little bit of Scotch tape goes a long way in preserving the powers of a true super hero.

Yokai is a silent, kabuki mask-wearing supervillain whose goal is to create a machine that could transfer him into another dimension. He most likely established a criminal organization so that he could achieve his goal. He also has one of the main protagonist of Big Hero 6's microbots in his possession. To defeat him, Hiro organizes a team of crimefighters.

He first is shown in the second trailer, assaulting Hiro and the robot Baymax with his microbots in an unknown area in San Fransoyko. Not much else is known about Yokai at the moment.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange