One upcoming documentary is hitting the road in a new way all its own. According to Variety, the documentary Big Rig will be released theatrically on June 3rd. But that is only the start of this film's journey.

The documnetary will embark on "Big Rig Summer Tour 2008" in which the film will be screened at 25 truck stops all across the country. The tour will run into August, and the DVD will be released in conjunction with the tour as well.

"It's hard for any film to survive in today's marketplace and it's especially hard for documentaries. You have to be creative," said Screen Media Films prexy Robert Baruc. "We didn't want it dying after a two-city run so we are taking a radical approach to get it out to the masses."

The documentary focuses on the trucking industry and how soaring gas prices and America's reliance on the industry forces truckers on the road more and more, driving them away from their families.