Big Screen Entertainment Group has announced that it has optioned the screenplay Standing Down, written by Ron Zimmerman, whose long list of credits includes the television series 7th Heaven, Action and My Wife and Kids.

Ron Perlman is attached to both star and executive produce. Perlman is well known for his film work, which includes Guillermo Del Toro's Hellboy and the upcoming Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, Blade 2 and Star Trek: Nemesis. He also starred as Vincent in the critically acclaimed television series Beauty and the Beast, which was recently released on DVD to strong sales.

Standing Down tells the story of Sgt. Patrick Ulysses Macklin (Perlman), a career soldier who must face the prospect of life without the US Army. Producer and BSEG CEO Kimberley Kates has long championed the script, and is confident that audiences will respond favorably to both the heartwarming and gritty elements. Producing with Kates for BSEG are Michael Manasseri and David Zappone.

Also attached is hip hop sensation Pras Michel, who will star, executive produce and contribute to the soundtrack.

In addition to Pras' work as a member of musical group The Fugees, Pras recently completed the documentary Skid Row. Described as a "startling look at the grim destiny of poverty," it follows Pras as he "sheds all the comforts of home and co-habitates with the destitute for nine days."

Skid Row was directed by Michael Mann protege Marshall Tyler, who is also attached to Standing Down. Tyler has been traveling with Oscar winner and Grammy nominee Jamie Foxx, documenting his World Tour for a possible upcoming documentary. Tyler co-directed Diary of: Jaime Foxx, chronicling the star's "Unpredictable" tour in 2006.

"We are putting together a dynamic team to bring Ron Zimmerman's powerful script to life," said Ms. Kates.