If you weren't one of the few who peddled down to the local record shop after seeing Big Trouble in Little China on opening day to snatch up its soundtrack, chances are, you were never able to get your hands on the vinyl release. It hit stores in the summer of 86, but the movie was a bomb, and the soundtrack didn't sell many units, and eventually it disappeared from store shelves. But when John Carpenter's sci-fi kung-fu mash-up starring Kurt Russell hit VHS, it slowly but surely gained a cult following that has only grown stronger every year. Now, thirty-two years after its initial release, fans would do anything to get their hands on that soundtrack on delicious vinyl. Well, they're finally in luck.

500 lucky fans will be able to pick up the reissued Big Trouble in Little China soundtrack on vinyl at this year's Comic-Con in just over a week. The classic release is coming from Mondo, who have gain quite the reputation for restoring vintage soundtracks that have fallen out of favor over the years. This will be the first time in over thirty years that Jack Burton fans will be able to get their hands on John Carpenter's sweet musical backdrop, which features the awesome theme song of the same name, with lyrics and all.

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The Big Trouble in Little China vinyl reissue is being released as a 2xLP, featuring music previously unreleased to the public. The 180-gram release arrives in two colors. Though, you'll have to plan accordingly if you want to score the truly luscious 'clear lightening bolt" version. It's a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, and Mondo is being extra cruel. They are only pressing 500. Which means they'll be gone in minutes. If you dare brave the possibility of getting your hands on one, they'll be available at Mondo's SDCC booth #435.

If you miss out on what is the better reissue, there's always the backup. Mondo will be releasing a second version in red vinyl. It will be available to purchase on the Mondo website at a later date shortly after Comic-Con has rolled up its tent and gone home. James Plotkin remastered the Big Trouble in Little China soundtrack release. And the album itself contains amazing new art from Phantom City Creative.

Last year, John Carpenter released his album Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998, where he rerecorded some of his most iconic theme songs, including the one for Big Trouble in Little China. He also took his show on the road. He hasn't stopped making music either. This October, he will release the soundtrack for Halloween, a sequel to his 1978 horror classic. He is creating new music for this new tale about Michael Myers, which picks up directly after the first movie, and pretty much pretends like the rest of the sequels never existed.

You can check out the amazing artwork for the Big Trouble in China release here. It's all must-have, and probably makes your heart hurt a little knowing you'll most likely not be able to get your hands on that lightening edition. Oh, well. Such is the life of the collector. There's always the red release to daydream about.

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