An alleged Bigfoot sighting captured on video in Michigan has a lot of people debating what they're really seeing in the clip. The footage has since been uploaded to YouTube by the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization with the footage slowed down and stabilized to give viewers a closer look at what some might say is the famous mythological creature. Others are not quite so convinced. You can see how you feel for yourself by watching the clip below.

"I'm not saying this is Bigfoot, and I'm not saying it isn't," Kyle Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization said of the footage, via LADBible. "This is obviously shot with a cell phone at 880p resolution. It's 30 frames per second. It isn't the greatest footage. It's all we have to go with so you be the judge on what you think it is. I don't know what it is."

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He added: "A lot of what's going on in this says to me it's something moving through the river, pushing a wake, and it appears to be carrying an infant. The infant's head is behind the mother or father. It must be lying on the left shoulder and kind of in the back, but you can see the torso, leg, and foot of the baby. Just incredible."

Shaw is keeping an open mind, but many others have been quick to write off the video as just another hoax. Some theorize that it's a person wearing some kind of netting suit as opposed to a hairy ape-like creature, possibly a hunter. Others even see an ordinary person carrying a child, creating some kind of optical illusion. It's hard to say exactly for sure what's going on, but the video isn't quite convincing the critics that it's Bigfoot.

"It's a guy carrying what looks like a dead coyote or wolf. Probably a hunter," one comment on the YouTube video reads. "What ever it is, looks to be covered in some type of one piece fabric, not a hairy creature," another comment reads. It's a person carrying a child... They're wearing swimming trunks," one person writes, prompting another to add, "His head is obscured by the child's head, and he also appears to be carrying a bag of some kind. Just an optical illusion imo."

And someone else jokes: "It's a bigfoot disguised as a hunter to move around in daylight."

Bigfoot has never been scientifically proven to exist, but for decades, various teams of researchers and investigators have dedicated their lives to tracking down the creature. The term "Squatching" was popularized by the Animal Planet reality series Finding Bigfoot, which aired for nine seasons and 200 episodes before ultimately concluding with no definitive evidence. They may not have found Bigfoot as they were hoping for, but the series did draw high ratings as one of the network's most popular shows for years.

If Bigfoot does exist, and if you want to risk your own hide in capturing the famous creature, you could become a millionaire. In June, Oklahoma Rep. Justin Humphrey proposed a bill for a Bigfoot hunting season in Oklahoma, and he wants the Wildlife Conservation Commission to offer a $3 million bounty to anyone who could capture the creature alive and unharmed. Best of luck to anyone who wants to take on that challenge. The video of the alleged Bigfoot sighting in Michigan comes to us from the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization.