Kevin Smith says Bill & Ted Face the Music is, "f***ing wonderful." The writer/director was able to see the movie over the weekend and he absolutely loved it. Fans have been waiting to see Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter back together again for nearly 30 years, and now, we're almost there. The movie is still scheduled to open in theaters later this summer, though that could change at any moment.

On a live edition of his FatMan Beyond podcast, Kevin Smith revealed that he was able to see Bill & Ted Face the Music. Smith is hosting a San Diego Comic-Con virtual panel for the movie next month, though specific details have yet to be revealed. With that being said, this is the reason why the director was able to see the movie before the rest of us. He had this to say.

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"I saw a movie today, and it was f***ing wonderful. Now, I was blazed, high as a kit as the kids used to say and stuff like that, on the weed... So I was fully weeded up when I sat down to get to view this movie. I saw Bill & Ted Face the Music and it is f***ing wonderful."

We were just treated to the first trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music and it has done nothing except build more hype. Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson know what they're doing and have had a long time to think about what Bill and Ted would be like as middle-aged men, who have yet to write their universe-saving song. According to Kevin Smith, they nailed it. Smith explains.

"It is adorable... I hope that doesn't sound dismissive, I need everyone to remember unlike say Cheech & Chong or what are the other guys, Jay and Silent Bob, those cats were R-Rated movies. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is as 'you can watch it with your family' as it gets. Knowing that going into this, that's kind of important, it's a family film, it's wonderful. It's absolutely adorable, they stuck the landing."

Now, Kevin Smith likes a lot of things, but there's one thing he'll do if he really loves something, which is shed a tear. Bill & Ted Face the Music is one of those movies that left Kevin Smith crying, and he's not afraid to admit it, noting that we all need to watch after the credits when the movie is released. You can read what Smith had to say about being emotional after watching the sequel below.

"It was just delightful. I came out of my office by the time the credits, you've got to watch the whole thing as well, and I was all fucking moist-faced and my wife was like 'What did you watch?' And I was like 'Can you believe it? Bill & Ted.' And she was like 'Seriously, are you high?' I was like 'I am but it's also, they did it.'"

Kevin Smith has gifted us with the first review of Bill & Ted Face the Music and he loved it. For those of us who have been waiting decades for the sequel, this is most excellent news. Hopefully it will be able to open in theaters later this summer, or at the very least, hit the VOD market for everyone who has waited so long. Bill & Ted Face the Music will arrive in theaters on August 14th. You can watch the first review of the movie above, thanks to Kevin Smith's YouTube channel.