Will Bill & Ted Face the Music skip theaters and head straight to VOD this summer? According to speculation, that's a plausible outcome at the moment. Fans have been waiting nearly 30 years to see Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves together again and the time has almost come. However, due to the world's current state of affairs, the long-awaited sequel may just end up skipping the theater experience altogether since the future of theaters is so uncertain.

First of all, it has not been confirmed by the studio that Bill & Ted Face the Music will skip theaters. This is all based on speculation from entertainment research analyst Jeff Bock. Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan are pushing for Tenet to open in theaters on July 17th and it seems that everybody is waiting to see if that's possible. Bock had this to say about movies like Bill & Ted 3 that haven't started the promotional blitz just yet.

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"We just don't know at this point what the world will look like in June and July, but what we do know is if studios are planning to release these films in theaters, they'd have to begin advertising them right now. That's more money that they might be risking. That's why some of these films make a lot of sense going straight to digital."

As of this writing, Bill & Ted Face the Music is still on schedule to open in theaters on August 21st. Along with Tenet, Disney has their live-action take on Mulan opening in late July and Warner Bros. has Wonder Woman 1984 slated for August. While we haven't seen any real promotional material from Bill & Ted 3 other than official images, co-writer Ed Solomon recently promised that the first official trailer was on the way.

Current events have seen movies like Trolls World Tour and Scoob! bypass theaters and go straight to VOD. Other projects have just moved their release dates. The Black Widow standalone movie was supposed to open at the beginning of this month, but it will now open in November instead. The same can be said about A Quite Place 2, Top Gun: Maverick, and a number of other big tentpoles. It's possible that Bill & Ted Face the Music could end up getting postponed too, though that has also not been officially been confirmed by anyone at this time.

Hopefully we'll get some information in regard to Bill & Ted Face the Music either way. Ed Solomon is usually pretty good about responding to things on social media, so there's a chance he'll address the theater vs. VOD speculation. As for the fans, will they want to see the movie on schedule, but not in theaters? Or would they rather wait a little bit longer to get the big screen experience? It seems that a lot of moviegoers are willing to head to theaters this summer, as long as they practice new safety protocols. CNN originally published Jeff Bock's thoughts on summer movies.