A new image from Bill & Ted Face the Music has been released. Additionally, director Dean Parisot has teased some new information. It's been nearly 30 years since we've seen Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter together on the big screen as Bill and Ted. A lot has changed since then for the actors in real-life and for their characters. For instance, Bill and Ted are middle-aged now with children of their own, who are going to have to help them write a song to save the entire universe.

Bill & Ted Face the Music finds our characters down the road of life in a far different place then they ever expected to be. The sequel's director Dean Parisot gave out some more information into the story, while hinting at the movie's runtime too. The sequel is currently in the post-production phase and editing will likely be taken care of soon, which will reveal the actual runtime. Parisot had this to say.

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"We've gone from a homework assignment to saving all space and time. We bypassed all those possible traumas in the middle. They have an hour and 18 minutes. So they're in trouble. And let's say that they have to travel all over the place to try and figure it out."

78 minutes is not a whole of time to save the universe and Bill and Ted are about to find that out the hard way, it seems. We've seen them accomplish all kinds of things in the previous two installments, but this might be their toughest battle yet. Whatever the case may be, they're going to have a decent amount of help this time around, thanks to their daughters.

Brigette Lundy-Paine plays Billie Logan, Ted and Elizabeth's daughter, while Samara Weaving plays Thea Preston, Bill and Joanna's daughter. The daughters have a knack for music just like their fathers, but it appears that they're into a whole new world of music with samplers, synths, and beat machines. Bill and Ted are more into the classic 1980s metal, so it will be interesting to see how the two generations merge in Bill & Ted Face the Music. As for how this will all come together, that is unclear at the moment.

Bill & Ted Face the Music hits theaters this summer. We have yet to see a trailer for the movie, but that should be happening in the spring. The sequel's co-writer Ed Solomon recently estimated that the first footage will be arriving in the coming months, so let's hope he's right. Solomon wrote the movie with Chris Matheson and they are excited to bring the duo back to the big screen for the first time in decades. What will Bill and Ted be like in 2020? Will they be using smartphones and streaming Van Halen on Spotify? Or will they cling to the old school way of doing things? Luckily, we don't have long to wait. You can check out the latest image from Bill & Ted Face the Music below, thanks to Empire.

Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter - Bill and Ted Face the Music