Soon, audiences will once again join the beloved dim-witted duo, Bill and Ted, on another time hopping adventure in the long-awaited sequel Bill & Ted Face the Music. Before that though, Ted Theodore Logan himself, Keanu Reeves, has cleared up a long-standing rumor about the air-guitaring pair, namely that they are not dope fiends.

"I'd like to get one thing straight. Bill and Ted are not stoners," Keanu Reeves said in a recent interview. "You know, they have a nice outlook. They like people -- their friendship."

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While Bill and Ted are often lumped in with other stoner pairings like Cheech and Chong and Jay and Silent Bob, there has always been something a lot more wholesome and (the occasional "sixty-nine" joke aside) family-friendly about the Wyld Stallyns. Besides, who needs drugs when you're going on increasingly trippy adventures. Of course, with their often glazed-over look, surfer voices, ludicrously upbeat attitude and inability to understand even the most basic things, you would be forgiven for thinking that the characters partook in a little Jazz cabbage now and then.

Reeves has recently been talking about up Bill and Ted Face the Music, with the actor saying that it maintains the scrappy charm of the originals. "We're still a pretty scrappy independent movie. It's part of the charm!" he said. "This movie is very much in the spirit of the other two films across the board. So there are Easter egg cameos, and there are other important musical figures that are prominent. I don't want to give too much of it away but the spirit of it, all the way down to the soundtrack... it's a Bill & Ted movie, straight up."

Bill & Ted Face the Music picks up with our {NEkW7e4BIlrUnr||rock 'n' roll loving heroes as they enter middle-age and are forced to now endure the monotony of such a life. This boredom is short-lived though, as William "Bill" S. Preston, Esq. and Theodore "Ted" Logan are warned by a visitor from the future of the need for them to create a song in 78 minutes that will save all life on Earth and the entire universe. Our simple-minded duo will once again be traveling to the future in order to steal their world-saving song from themselves. It also looks like Bill and Ted's daughters will be taking after their fathers, with the adolescent pair going on their own quest through time, bringing together famous figures from history to form a band.

Writer Ed Solomon recently revealed that it was in fact Reeves who came up with the idea for the upcoming a BBQ no less. "[Alex] called Keanu and we went to Alex's for BBQ, the four of us, and we just started talking like, 'Is [a third movie] worth it?' and 'What would make it worth it?' and 'What do we definitely not want to do?' First of all we don't want to make it cynical. It was more like, 'Is there a story worth telling that we really wanna tell that makes it worth doing again?' This was like 12 years ago. We started talking, 'Well what would it be about?' and I'm pretty sure in that meeting Keanu said something like, 'The stress, the pressure of having been told your music's gonna save the world and what that must actually feel like, and maybe relieving that pressure'."

Bill and Ted Face the Music was originally due for release on 1 September, but now fans will get the join them on their latest adventure even earlier when it hits on-demand and select theaters on August 28. This comes to us from Associated Press.