The filmmaker and producer behind the hit musical Dreamgirls is stepping into the genre once more. Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Bill Condon will write and direct an adaptation of Arthur Phillips' novel The Song Is You. Here's how Condon himself described the story to the site:

"The book is a story told through music, but there's a whole other dimension we can bring through film," Condon tells me. "This is a guy who has loved music since the moment he was born, who connected music to the big turning points in life and who retreats into music after suffering a trauma. He essentially falls inside his iPod Shuffle, that is the form the film takes. The only emotional connections he makes are dredged up through songs, until he stumbles into the bar and hears a young singer who slowly reawakens something in him. He becomes her guide and she his muse, in a relationship that is carried out through email messages and phone calls. The chance to tell a story through song is the thing that really turns me on."
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While the film is in the works, with Larry Mark producing, Condon will be directing Salmon Fishing in The Yemen, with Simon Beaufoy adapting Paul Torday's novel and Condon is also writing and producing the new HBO pilot Tilda for HBO, which was just set up last week.

Condon will also be directing Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?, a biopic on the legendary comedian with Marlon Wayans attached to star. It isn't quite clear if The Song Is You or Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said? is next on Condon's agenda. CLICK HERE to read the full article, which includes Condon's thoughts on Wayans starring as Pryor.