Bill Cosby is going to be spending more time behind bars. Earlier this month, Bill Cosby was officially denied parole by the Pennsylvania Parole Board, but the decision was just made public on Thursday. The Ghost Dad star was previously sentenced to serve three to ten years in prison in September 2018 after he was found guilty of three cases of aggravated indecent assault. His first chance to get free did not bring about good news for the disgraced comedian.

"Following an interview with you and a review of your file, and having considered all matters required pursuant to the parole board, in the exercise of its discretion, has determined at this time that: you are denied parole/reparole," a letter from the parole board reads.

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Per Deadline, the board also disclosed a list of reasons for denying Cosby parole. This includes his need to participate in and complete additional institutional programs, the negative recommendation made by the department of corrections, and his failure to develop a parole release plan. For his next interview, the board will consider parole if Cosby has successfully completed a "treatment program for sex offenders and violence prevention" and has maintained a clear conduct record.

"The news that Actor and Comedian Bill Cosby's parole has been 'denied' by the Pennsylvania State Parole Board is not a surprise to Mr. Cosby, his family, his friends and/or his legal team," Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt said on Thursday. "It was brought to our attention by Mr. Cosby that over the past months, members of the PA State Parole Board had met with him and emphatically stated, 'if he did not participate in SVP [Sexually Violent Predator] courses that his parole would be denied.'"

The Purpose PR boss added: "Mr. Cosby has vehemently proclaimed his innocence and continues to deny all allegations made against him, as being false, without the sheer evidence of any proof. Today, Mr. Cosby continues to remain hopeful that the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court will issue an opinion to vacate his conviction or warrant him a new trial."

Dozens of women have accused Cosby of sexual assault or misconduct dating back several decades, all of which he has consistently denied. Most of the alleged acts fell outside of the statute of limitations by the time they were common knowledge in recent years, but he was ultimately charged for an alleged assault against Andrea Constand in 2004. The verdict was upheld on appeal and Cosby has professed his innocence, referring to himself as a political prisoner.

"My political beliefs, my actions of trying to humanize all races, genders and religions landed me in this place surrounded by barb wire fencing, a room made of steel and iron," Cosby said in a statement released from prison in 2019. "So, I now have a temporary residence that resembles the quarters of some of the greatest political prisoners - Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Randal Robinson and Dr. Benjamin Chavis."

In any case, Cosby isn't leaving his jail cell anytime soon. The 83-year-old legally blind actor is also waiting for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to decide if he should be released or given a new trial after arguing that he didn't have a fair trial. This news comes to us from Deadline.