Bill Cosby's recent release from prison has brought about widespread controversy, but the former JELL-O spokesman says his newfound freedom has left him with a "big smile" on his face. In 2018, Cosby was sentenced to serve 3-10 years in prison for the alleged sexual assault of Andrea Constand at his Pennsylvania home in 2004. After serving more than two years with one parole denial, Cosby was freed last week due to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that he'd had an improper trial.

After spending some time back at home, Bill Cosby provided his first full interview since his release to Black Press USA. The Ghost Dad star explained how it seems to him that his naysayers are intentionally avoiding the truth, encouraging those who doubt him to read the full transcripts. Cosby also denies that he was released because of a "technicality," as has been reported by some journalists along with many social media critics. From the interview:

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"You're sitting in a room trying to explain something, and there is a knock on the door. You say, 'who is it?' [The response is], 'It is the truth.' So, people start jumping out of the window." "The court's decision was not a technicality. These people sound like they haven't read what the judges have written. It's not a technicality. These [detractors] don't want to know anything. It's like the woman who said she knows five women that I drugged and raped. Well, where are they?"

Perhaps the most damaging evidence against Cosby in his trial relates to comments made in his infamous civil deposition. In the deposition, Cosby admitted to giving a Quaalude to a woman that he was sexually attracted to, and the comedian says that this is a far cry from secretly drugging and having sex with someone without their consent. Insisting that he knows what really happened, Cosby added that he's been beaming

"There's a big smile on my face. A big smile on my face because I was there. I know what happened, and I'm watching and hearing these fascists and Nazis, and I watched them really come out of the woodworks as termites. The infestation of when [former President] Donald Trump came through, and they just let it all hang out. That's who they are."

Feeling disappointed about comedians he helped pave the way for who remained silent, Cosby also took shots at Kevin Hart and Sinbad, asking where they were when he needed their support. He also joked that "poor Robert Townsend" just disappeared. One of the few celebrities to publicly support the comedian been his Cosby Show co-star Phylicia Rashad, who came under fire when she tweeted that an injustice had been corrected when Cosby was released. Of the backlash she endured, Cosby said:

"They didn't like what she was doing before [by supporting me early on]. The power of money, the power of money supporting things that people cannot find the money to support themselves. They have to listen to donors. The donors command your directions."

Looking to get back to work, Cosby is said to be planning a potential comeback tour for his stand-up comedy. It's also estimated that he could fetch up to $20K for limited speaking engagements. He may have lost a lot of public support, but it would seem he still isn't looking to retire just yet. This news comes to us from Black Press USA.