Never Mind the Pollacks: A Rock and Roll Novel: According to Variety, Neal Pollack is rocking on with Warner-based Bill Gerber, who has acquired film rights to Pollack's satirical tale "Never Mind the Pollacks: A Rock and Roll Novel."

The story of a self-destructive rock critic named Neal Pollack is told through a series of interviews by rival critic Paul St. Pierre following Pollack's death.

The story follows the renegade journalist, who manages to be in the right place at the right time throughout the key points of rock history, starting in Memphis, when Elvis Presley kills Pollack's father by accidentally backing a truck over him. Pollack subsequently steals away Joan Baez from Bob Dylan, moves to Liverpool to become a critic and appears at the start of every iconic rock scene through the '80s punk era in Los Angeles and the '90s grunge rock movement in Seattle.

"The character is sort of a rock 'n' roll Zelig and funny as all get out," Gerber told Daily Variety. "I think it's a great basis for a Spike Jonze-type film."