Bill Hader does an excellent Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. Hader's take on the action legend is widely known. Now, one person has taken it to the next level and constructed a magically terrifying DeepFake video which morphs in between Hader and Schwarzenegger as he goes in and out of the impression during an interview with Conan O'Brien. As always, Hader is hilarious and O'Brien really can't get enough of the Schwarzenegger talk, making for a perfect storm for the DeepFake tech to work its magic.

The whole discussion starts when Bill Hader is talking about his children and does a quick impression that sounds a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger, as Conan O'Brien points out. From there, Hader just goes off and makes up a Schwarzenegger baby character and continues the impression. The interview alone is good on its own, but it is significantly heightened with the DeepFake technology as Hader transforms into a near-perfect version of the Terminator actor. It's really quite eerie and leaves one to wonder what's next with the tech.

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The DeepFake technology is mostly used for pornographic projects these days, with people taking famous celebrities and pasting their faces on adult film stars. The videos have gotten a lot more sophisticated over the past few years and we've come a long way from pasting Nicolas Cage's face into different movies. As the Bill Hader interview shows, which is over three minutes long, the Deep Fake technology has grown a lot and soon it will be hard to decipher what is real and what is fake.

In the wrong hands, DeepFake could turn out to be pretty dangerous. When the mainstream news media is frequently called "fake news" and the "enemy of the people" by the president of the United States, we're pretty close to DeepFake videos of famous politicians and news personalities delivering actual fake news to people who will have no way of knowing if it's fake or real. That's a pretty scary thought and it's almost here from the looks of Bill Hader turning into Arnold Schwarzenegger while delivering a pretty flawless impression.

Bill Hader worked as a production assistant on Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2002 movie Collateral Damage. He says that the action star was often late to the set because he was playing chess with his acting teacher. Schwarzenegger allegedly did not have a coach on the set and instead had a teacher, according to Hader. In order to get Schwarzenegger to the set on time, Hader would pass the teacher a note to lose the chess match, which worked until Arnold asked to see what the note said. From there, the chess game would start over, leaving the cast and crew to wait. While we wait for the real fake news to take over the world, you can enjoy some comedy from the Deep Fake technology below, thanks to the Cntrl Shift Face YouTube channel.