Bill Maher says the "woke police" have gone too far with consistent attempts to "cancel" charitable celebrity and popular actor Matt Damon over the past few years. Never one to mince words, Maher was candid with his thoughts on the subject on Friday night's edition of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. During the New Rules segment of the episode, Maher said that someone needs to explain to him why Damon has been a frequent target of "cancel culture," as he just doesn't understand why.

"Why is this guy always in the doghouse with the online hall monitors of righteousness? It is a phenomenon that truly fascinates me," Maher explains. "Every couple years, Matt Damon --- one of the most likable guys in Hollywood with impeccable liberal credentials --- is again flailing around in cancel culture quicksand."

Bill Maher then goes through a list of various times Damon has come under fire on social media. He begins with the recent controversy over Damon's claim that he's retired a certain homophobic slur from his vocabulary, to which he was lambasted over ever using it in the first place. Damon later apologized and claimed he never said the word personally, but not before facing heavy criticism online.

Maher noted, "Okay, he was late to the party, to which we could say, 'Welcome. Glad you could make it.' Or, we could say, 'You came later than I did, die!'"

On Real Time, Maher goes through some negative headlines found in the press about Matt Damon. This includes one from Vox that said the actor "isn't a terrible person, he's just ignorant." To that, Maher says, "Really? That bad, is he? We're talking about Matt Damon? I don't know, he's got a clean water charity and delivers food to Haiti. What have you done, Vox headline writer?"

"And yet, he is always getting pulled over for the woke police for something," Maher adds. He then goes through Damon's "rap sheet" of the times he's been in similar situations, each time explaining how Damon wasn't really as evil as some in the press and on social media might insist. Maher concludes with saying Damon also violated "Liam's Law," referring to the time Liam Neeson came under fire for admitting he once held racist thoughts as a young man but has since evolved.

"Of course, in so doing, he committed the cardinal sin of admitting he was not born perfect, and did not emerge from the womb completely enlightened like Buddha," Maher quips. "And now Matt's done it with his gay slur admission. Committed the crime of not always being the person [he] would become. You know, I'm so tired of bad faith arguments, and it's all we do now from both sides of our divide."

As the segment comes to a close, Maher gives Damon advice, urging him not to go hunting for goodwill in this country as he's "not going to find much." Maher, a frequent source of controversy as well, is likely to bring about a variety of mixed opinions with these new comments about "cancel culture," but it's far from the first time he's addressed the situation. This news comes to us from Real Time with Bill Maher.