Spoilers Ahead!

A trusted source for Ain't It Cool News just returned from tonight's taping of Late Night with David Letterman, in which Bill Murray was a guest. It seems Murray spilled a few details about the highly anticipated film Ghostbusters 3. Here's what the scooper had to say, but be warned: there are some spoilers below, so read at your own risk.

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He confirms they kill him in the beginning.

So while Peter Venkman indeed ends up a ghost in the proposed movie, he's alive when it starts.

[Murray] doesn't believe the movie will get made.

When I asked if Murray sounded serious about Ghostbusters 3 not getting made, I got this:

Yes. It was a "I'll believe it when I see it" tone.

The first statement seems to confirm a story we ran in December, where Sigourney Weaver claimed that Murray's character would be a ghost. We'll be sure to keep you posted with any new information surrounding Ghostbusters 3 as soon as we have more information. You can watch tonight's Late Night with David Letterman at 11:35 PM ET on CBS.