Actor Bill Nighy has joined the cast of I, Frankenstein for Screen Gems and writer-director Stuart Beattie. Socratis Otto (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) has also joined the cast.

I, Frankenstein centers on Adam Frankenstein (Aaron Eckhart), the creation of Dr. Frankenstein who is still alive centuries after his "birth." Adam is hunted down by a clan of demons who want to learn Adam's secret in order to reanimate deceased demons to start a new army. Bill Nighy will play a demon prince, while Socratis Otto plays the prince's right hand man, who goes after Adam.

Stuart Beattie is directing I, Frankenstein from his own screenplay, which is adapted from Kevin Grevioux's graphic novel of the same name. We /i-frankenstein-heads-to-victoria-australia/reported last week that production will start in February, with shooting to take place in Victoria, Australia.