Empire Online recently got some great information from actor Bill Nighy on his upcoming projects which include Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Underworld: Evolution. The actor can also be seen in the upcoming The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Nighy on the Pirates sequels...

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"I am a very, very, very, very bad man and I am there to make people suffer in all new ways, in ways that you won't have seen before," he smiled. And while he wouldn't clarify in which horrendous ways Jones would wreak this vile havoc, for fear of alerting producer Jerry Bruckheimer's crack spoiler-preventing SWAT team, he did admit that, "I have a boat and I have a crew, and they are really evil buggers."

More interestingly, though, is Nighy's revelation that although he'll be playing the part of Jones with – presumably – his usual blend of suave insouciance and regal mystery, he'll have a little help from his friends at ILM. "I'm so computer generated that you might have trouble spotting me. You'll know it's me, but you might have to check the credits afterwards," he laughed. "But they're cracking stories, they're great stories. If you liked the first one, you'll love this."

Before that, though, is another villainous role for Nighy, as he reprises his role as the villainous vampire elder Viktor in Underworld: Evolution, the sequel to 2003's stylish (and, some say, substance-free) vampire-werewolf epic, Underworld. But hang on – wasn't he sliced into tiny bits at the end of the first movie?

This is absolutely true, admitted Nighy. "I know, but guess what – they went back in time. See what I'm saying? Very clever. So I'm now back in time, in medieval times, in full armour, up a mountain in Canada, in deepest snow, with all the guys. I think they got me back out of pity. I'm not in it a great deal."

Yes, but even the smallest Nighy cameo is worth checking out – so what, pray tell, will he be up to this time around? "As you remember from Underworld 1, I was just one of the elders who were having the centuries-long sleep," said Nighy. "I'm largely back to account for the reawakening of the second elder. This is when Marcus comes to town."

Marcus will be played by the excellent Scottish actor, Tony Curran, and will apparently be the catalyst for a war to end all wars between the vampires, including Kate Beckinsale's Selene (she had to return, if only because she's married to the film's director, Len Wiseman) and the werewolves, who count amongst their number vamp/lycan hybrid Michael, played by Amelie Mauresmo lookie-likie, Scott Speedman.

"The script is absolutely great. I really loved the first one and I think this one is arguably better," said Nighy. "The story is a real cracker. And it's sexy this time. Kind of sexy and funny and really romantic, as it was last time. I'm so impressed with Len Wiseman - it's really cool."