Thunderbirds: In a recent interview with Empire Online, Bill Paxton revealed some key elements about the upcoming sci-fi flick Thunderbirds:

'I've got one more day left on Thunderbirds,' Bill told us. 'It's going to be tremendous. You heard it from me first.' RELATED: Comic Con 2015 Thursday Schedule

'Thunderbirds is about the International Rescue and The Hood and in a way it's got an innocent charm - great action and great scale and great characters. To me it has an old-fashioned, retro set of ethics - I feel like it's going to be embraced as a breath of fresh air as far as a big family movies go.'

'But when I say family friendly, I don't mean homogenised. This thing has got something for everyone and I mean that in a great filmmaking way. I think it's got to be a tour de force. It's great to see the five brothers running together and all that. It's got a lot of integrity, but it has an innocent charm that I haven't seen in films in a while.'

Was he a fan of the original TV show? 'It was a cult curiousity. Something I think I watched more as camp amusement - it wasn't big when I was a child growing up in Texas. It was never widely syndicated in the States.

So what can we expect from the tone of the film? Well it seems like it's a homage to Sixties Britain. 'Everything was coming out of London in the 1960s - the music, the fashion, the great actors. That's kind of what Thunderbirds is celebrating - the 60s - but not in an Austin Powers kind of way.'

And we hear there are going to be some massive action sequences, namely one set on the Thames. ''Oh god, there's several,' he sighs happily. 'This thing is big, big, big.'

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