Bill & Ted Face the Music was, hands down, a perfect, fulfilling end to a glorious journey and was the dose of compassion as well as positivity the world so needed in 2020. Despite the years between the film and its predecessors, it turned out be packing the same wonder and magic. But if you ask director Ed Solomon, Bill and Ted 3's tight budget made some major alteration to its script, including a key scene that never made it to the final cut. 

The film hit many snags and road-blocks as it transitioned from a mere idea to a full-blown production despite the fact that the mere rumour of a third film being in the pipeline triggered major excitement amongst its fans. The first sign of trouble was the studio that owned the rights to the Bill and Ted franchise had planned to roll out a reboot with younger versions of the characters and even had a script ready. 

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The idea of moving forward with a sequel of a film which was a sensation decades ago, that too with middle-aged lead characters, didn't suit the studio. While a resurgence in Keanu Reeves' popularity in the wake of the John Wick franchise did help in getting the film off the ground, the production hit multiple roadblocks when it came to financing. At last, despite the popularity of its main protagonists, filming of Bill and Ted 3 began on a very tight budget that made it impossible for the filmmakers to make it exactly as they had planned and they had to drop the idea of shooting several crucial scenes. 

Recently, co-writer Ed Solomon posted a few deleted scenes from Bill and Ted 3 that they were never able to film given the budget. One scene in particular was where Bill and Ted, after trying to steal their own song by going forward in time, manage to travel back to the past and end up encountering their 10-year-old selves. 

As revealed by Solomon, this was just one of the many scenes that he and co-writer Chris Matheson had to drop from filming as they also planned for the lead characters to hop forward in future, meet themselves as 52-year-old single, lonely men and realize their mistakes. As the budget of Bill & Ted 3 was too tight, they were forced to pick one from the two time-travelling scenes. 

"We were like we just can't fit everything we want to do into the movie. In a normal film situation, if you love a scene and you're not 100% certain it's gonna stay in the movie but you wanna see how it lands once the film is edited, you know you shoot it and you make those decisions in post-production, but we just could not afford to do that."

By the end, it was decided that the better idea would be to pick up with the travelling to the future plot arc as it included Bill and Ted going back to their wives, thus making it the emotional core of the film.

"On a purely comedic level that [10-year-old Bill and Ted] scene might have been a bit stronger, but on a more important level, which is the emotional throughline of the movie, it was more important for them to go back to their wives. We were forced to make the choice because we just couldn't afford to shoot both."

Wanna know what else didn't make it to Bill and Ted Face the Music? Well, you won't have to wait long as Solomon has assured that he will be soon sharing another one of his favorite scenes that never made it from the script to screen. This interview was originally published by Collider.