Bill & Ted Face the Music star Alex Winter says he has seen the final cut of the anticipated sequel, also promising that new information on the movie's release plan is coming soon. Originally scheduled to release on Aug. 21, 2020, the movie was later moved up to Aug. 14 before getting pushed back to Aug. 28 due to major shake-ups with other big releases in theaters. Now with other titles like Tenet getting delayed yet again, the same might happen with Bill & Ted 3, but for what it's worth, Winter says he's proud of the film and appears to be eager for the fans to check it out as soon as it's available for everyone else to see.

Alex Winter has been playing the Wyld Stallyns rocker Bill S. Preston Esq. since 1989, co-starring with Keanu Reeves as Ted "Theodore" Logan in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Directed by Stephen Herek using a screenplay by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, the movie follows the pair of teenage slackers as they travel through time with the goal of acing a history report for school.

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The two beloved characters returned in the 1991 sequel Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, which also introduced William Sadler as the cult classic comedy movie's version of Death. In the years since, both movies have maintained a large cult following and are among the most popular titles from their era.

Bill & Ted Face the Music will bring back Winter and Reeves once again to play much older versions of their famous characters from the original two movies. With Dean Parisot now directing, the new sequel also brings back original writers Matheson and Solomon. This time, the legendary musicians are faced with creating a hit song in just 78 minutes in order to save the entire universe, and to be successful, they'll need some help from their families, old friends, and some real-life musicians. William Sadler is back in the role of Death with Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving playing the daughters of Bill and Ted, respectively.

Just recently, anticipated movie releases like Halloween Kills and The Conjuring 3 had been given new release dates. As those movies were set to premiere in the months after Bill & Ted 3, it quickly began to look as if Face the Music would end up getting pushed back after all as well. We may find out when Bill and Ted come to [email protected]. Of course, while the sequel would certainly be best enjoyed on the big screen for most filmgoers, there are going to be many fans who'd rather just see the studio release the movie on demand, akin to the releases of Scoob! and Trolls World Tour. In any case, we should be finding out one way or the other soon. This news comes to us from Alex Winter on Twitter.