We haven't heard much on the progress of Bill & Ted 3 lately, since Alex Winter revealed in April that the script by Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson was completed. Alex Winter recently spoke about the comedy sequel, revealing it is still a long way from happening.

"I don't know. In all frankness, it's just a slow universe. It took us fifteen years to come up with an idea that we thought we'd want to do. We is just me and Keanu (Reeves) and Chris (Matheson) and Ed (Solomon) and we're all really close friends. We talk about it from time to time and we see each other a lot anyway. It's always like, 'Is there anything there to do? Is there a 'there' there?' A couple years ago, we were having dinner and we came up with an idea which has evolved over the years that we thought was really great. And we spent another year developing it just the four of us. Then Chris and Ed spent another year writing it. And the script only got finished two months ago and it's really green. It's the beginning of what could be nothing, franly. There's hooplah because frickin' Reeves keeps blathering about it. Every time he's interviewed he talks about it and he's one of my closest friends and I love him dearly but I think he's got a very post-modern sense of humor. I think he's doing it partially just to fuck with people. Because if he says it, everyone goes crazy and I think he just goes 'Muah ha ha'. [But] we wrote a script, we like it, we don't really even have the rights. We kinda have the rights. There's a long road of crap we have to deal with before it ever, if it ever, becomes a movie. I can tell you that Chris and Ed are really great writers and the script is fantastic so it would be fun to do. I really don't care that much to be honest with you...but if it doesn't get made I'll post the script on the net. People will see what we did in some form. It's a really, really, really good script. They did a great job, it's funny as hell, and it's really weird. It's not like some lame-ass retro thing. It's fucking weird. It's really weird. But funny and hugely bankable if anyone is recording this."
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Back in November, we reported that director Werner Herzog was considering directing Bill & Ted 3. It seems that isn't exactly the case, though, according to Alex Winter.

"Herzog said yes, not knowing anything about it. Jokingly. No one asked him officially."