There is a trio of Part III sequels currently creeping towards becoming a reality that we constantly hear about. Last week, Ghostbusters finally took a giant leap ahead, confirming director Paul Feig along with its completely rebooted all-female concept. While Ron Perlman failed to provide any substantial update on Hellboy 3 over the weekend at New York Comic Con, John Wick star Keanu Reeves did have an update on Bill & Ted 3. He was able to give new story details and some interesting time twists, extrapolating on what co-star Alex Winter had to say earlier this month. There will be wormholes!

Keanu Reeves claims that Dean Parisot is still attached as a director. He may be best remembered as the driving force behind Galaxy Quest and he was at the helm of last summer's sequel Red 2. Reeves also confirms that the story will still revolve around the creation of the greatest song in the world, which the two great ones were long ago prophesized to write, yet still haven't.

"Yeah, Dean's re-read it and I think he likes it. It's kind of like... I call it "gravity," you have to get this mass together to make it happen. In terms of the writers' voices being too peculiar, in this case no. I think they've really crafted something that's funny. [Bill and Ted have] been weighed down by the burden of having to save the world by the song, and they just can't write it. They're losing their wives and their children, they're losing their families."

He then explained why there will be multiple Bill and Teds running around, as previously teased by Alex Winter.

"The future comes back and says if you don't write the song by this certain time the universe is going to unravel and history and everything is going to change and dinosaurs are gonna walk the Earth. Jesus is playing baseball! All sorts of weird things start unraveling and wormholes are twisting. We have to kind of bring order back, and it's connected into bringing our families together by writing a song."

Unlike Ghostbusters, Bill & Ted 3 will not be a reboot in any way, shape or form and it will play with what has come before it. Reeves promises that the film will retain its edge, describing a scene where Bill and Ted are living a hard prison life as two thugs.

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"No! I mean, it's edgy. There's a great scene where Bill and Ted are in jail and we're seeing our future [selves] and they're all tatted and hard. They're like, [tough sounding] "What's up, dude? Hey dude. Hey guy." "Stop calling me dude!" They want to beat up Bill and Ted because they've inherited the life that they f**ked up. They're miserable and they hate Bill and Ted. There's some funny stuff!

One of the reasons we haven't seen Bill & Ted 3 is because of the budget. The first versions of the script were far too ambitious at a time when studios aren't interested in spending $200 million on a sci-fi comedy. But the movie is getting closer to a green light:

"We have to get the script in the right place. Chris and Ed have been working really hard over a couple of years to get the draft in the right place. What is the reason to make this movie besides nostalgia or the love of these characters. Where can they be in their life that can be a story that is worth telling or has something in it and is funny? They have that. It didn't help that the first script that they brought in was probably budgeted at $150 million dollars. I don't know if Bill & Ted carry that much weight. Part of the argument is that it's not that popular internationally, that's where so much of the funding for movies comes from these days. They've worked on the script and the budget, just trying to get the right script and then get the business side wrapped up, financiers and rights, all the show business stuff."

If Ghostbusters can finally happen, its expected that Bill & Ted 3 will become a reality soon enough. The only hold out is Hellboy 3. Which Part II are you most excited to see happen?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange