The Colossus super computer has taken over the world and only one man can stop it: Will Smith! But before he can embark on this remake of the 1970 Imagine Entertainment sci-fi thriller Colossus: The Forbin Project, Bill & Ted 3 and Men In Black writer Ed Solomon (known as the evil De Nomolos to some) will have to redraft the current screenplay, which was originally penned by Blake Masters (2 Guns) with contributions from Jason Rothenberg.

The studio is currently keeping the story details of Colossus a secret. Will Smith will play Dr. Charles Forbin, a role originated by Eric Braeden (Titanic; Mr. Mom). In the original, Dr. Forbin is the creator of an artificially intelligent hyper-communication electronic media distribution system that grows to have a mind of its own and plots to kill off all of mankind. Just as in I Am Legend, Will Smith's Forbin is one of the few survivors of a massive viral attack, and the only one with the knowledge to destroy the computer.

Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are both producers on this futuristic thriller. The film will be distributed by Universal Entertainment.